Diversity & Inclusion Committee

In 2015, a Library-wide Diversity & Inclusion Committee formed. LAUC-SD hold two seats for librarians on the Library's Diversity & Inclusion Committee: the liaison to the LAUC-SD Executive Board and the LAUC-SD representative to the Statewide Committee on Diversity.


The Library Diversity & Inclusion Committee is charged with developing a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion among the staff of the UC San Diego Library, and with helping the Library to create an environment characterized by equal access and respected participation of all groups and individuals regardless of their culture, race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, geographic origin, political views or level of education.

  • Working with others in the Library as appropriate, the Library Diversity & Inclusion Committee will advise on, develop, and/or deliver programs and processes that enhance the understanding of diversity in the UC San Diego Library and that create an inclusive community. 
  • In working to achieve this charge, the Library Diversity & Inclusion Committee will:
  • Work with Library Administration and Library Council to articulate the Library's expectations of its staff for cultural competence, in keeping with the University of California Diversity Statement (University of California Diversity Statement).
  • Work with the Library's Training Coordinator to provide diversity-related educational opportunities for Library staff.
  • Create opportunities and venues for discussion of diversity/equity issues within the Library.
  • Advise Library Administration and Library Council on policy or other issues related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Establish partnerships and share information and best practices with relevant groups on campus, including the Diversity Council, student groups, and others as appropriate.
  • Collaborate with various Library programs to support and celebrate diversity and inclusion activities (e.g., Academic Liaison, Communications & Outreach, Internal Communications, and Learning Spaces). 
  • Create and maintain a public website in order to document and promote the work of the committee (especially to potential campus partners), to share information with Library staff, and to increase involvement and participation in diversity initiatives.

Annual Reports

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LAUC-SD Representatives

LAUC-SD LDIC Chair Lia Friedman 2017-2019
Liaison to the LAUC-SD Executive Board Ryan Johnson 2018-2020
Representative to the LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity Erin Glass 2018-2020

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