Glossary of Useful Acronyms, Abbreviations, Words, & Phrases

There are many unique acronyms, abbreviations, and uses of words and phrases associated with San Diego, the University of California, UCSD, and the Library. The following list is intended as a brief introduction to a few of those.

See also "Common Library Terms & Acronyms."

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AA Administrative Assistant
AAL Art and Architecture Library (UCSD)
ACG All Campus Group (HOTS, HOPS, CDC, LTAT, and RSC)
ACRL Association of College & Research Libraries
ACMS Academic Computing & Media Services (UCSD)
ACS Access Services (Libraries)
Active Directory Networking framework enabling access to shared network resources. Also the central authority for campus-based services requiring access & authentication (e.g., Single Sign On).
AdCon Conference room in the Library Administrative suite in Geisel
Admin Team Consists of senior library administrators
AIT Guide Faculty Guide to Academic Information Technology
Annex Off-campus storage facility for low-use materials from UCSD Libraries' collections
APM Academic Personnel Manual: UC Personnel Policies for academic appointees. Includes procedures for appointment, advancement, and promotion.
Archivist Toolkit Archival data management system, supporting archival repositories, accessioning & describing archival materials, establishing names & subjects associated with archival materials, location management for materials, and exporting EAD finding aids, MARCXML records, and METS, MODS, and Dublin Core records.
Ariel System used by ILL for online document delivery.
ARL Association of Research Libraries
ARMS Application with web interface to support submission & approval of new budget requests; restricted to those with budget submission and/or approval authority.
ARPM Academic Review Procedures Manual, Librarian Series: UCSD guidelines and procedural details for conducting appointment and performance reviews of UCSD librarians.
Arts Library Includes Art & Architecture Library, Film & Video Library, and the Music Collection
ASLC Academic Senate Library Committee (UCSD)
AUL Associate University Librarian


__Blank Assistant All AA's are in this job classification, but all in this classification may not be AA's.
Biomed or BML Biomedical Library (UCSD)
BLINK UCSD portal for staff. Has useful glossary feature.
Blue Sheets Library accounting form used for supplies, etc. (an actual piece of paper)


CAIT Committee on Academic Information Technology (UCSD)
CAP Committee on Advancement and Promotion is a faculty version of LAUC's CAPA
CAPA Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Advancements (elected by LAUC-SD membership)
Career Status Term for permanent classified job titles; for academic appointees (i.e., librarian) denotes a continuous appointment without the need to renew a contract on a periodic basis.
CARL California Academic and Research Libraries.
CC Community College: San Diego County has: City, Mesa, Miracosta, and Palomar community colleges
CDC Collection Development Committee (UC)
CDL California Digital Library. Eleventh UC library.
Central or CUL Central University Library (retired terms; use Geisel Library)
Circuit Combined catalog that includes a paging service for books at San Diego county's four largest academic libraries (CSUSM, SDSU, UCSD, USD, and the San Diego County Public Libraries)
CJK Chinese, Japanese, Korean - used for cataloging, acquisitions, etc.
CLICS Formerly Center for Library & Instructional Computing Services; closed in 2011
Clusters Overarching divisions of UCSD libraries (Administrative Services, Technology, Collections, & User Services)
Content DM Digital collection management system that stores images, data, metadata, and web page content for selected collections.
COVC Council of Vice-Chancellors (UC)
CPNM Current Periodicals, Newspapers, and Microforms located in the Social Sciences and Humanities Library, Geisel Library building
CRS Computer Resource Specialist job title
CSU California State University, approx 23 campuses; San Diego county has CSU San Marcos and San Diego State University.


DAMS Digital Asset Management System: Integrated suite of infrastructure components used to capture, catalog, store, and manage digital assets, and to expose those assets to creative tools for producing video, audio, Web, and print content.
DAR Digital Audio Reserves
DBF Department of Business & Finance
DIR Digital Image Reserves
DLWPG Digital Library Program Working Group (pronounced DILL PWIG)
DoD Director of Development (UCSD)
DMR Digital Media Reserves
DSSL Department Systems Services Liaisons


eLinks See UC-eLinks
ERC Eleanor Roosevelt College

Provides Open-Access scholarly publishing services to the University of California and delivers a dynamic research platform to scholars worldwide. Powered by the California Digital Library.


FD&C Facilities, Design and Construction (UCSD)
FinancialLink Financiallink provides UCSD faculty and staff access to campus financial data via the web
FVL Film and Video Library (UCSD)
FVR Film and Video Reserves (UCSD)


GA General Assistance (budget for non-work-study student assistants in the library)
GIS Geographic Information Systems Lab, SSHL
Green Sheets Campus notices distributed electronically (formerly distributed to departments on green paper)


HOPS Heads of Public Services (UC, AULs for public service serve on this committee)
HOSC Heads of Special Collections (UC)
HOTS Heads of Technical Services (UC, AULs for technical service serve on this committee)


IFIS UCSD's financial and accounting automated system
III Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
IMPRINTS UCSD print and graphics service and the Libraries partner in our own copy and print service
IOC Instruction and Outreach Committee; reports to AUL for User Services
IR/PS Graduate School for International Relations/Pacific Studies
ITD Information Technology Department


LA Library Assistant job classification scheme
LAO Library Administrative Office wherein reside the UL, AULs, Director of Development, and Communications Director
LTAG Library of Technology Advisory Group (Reports to SOPAG)
LAUC Librarian’s Association of the University of California. Employment as a librarian automatically makes one a member of this group. Each campus has a division (e.g. LAUC-SD).
LEC Library Electronic Classroom located in room 274 of Geisel Library building. (pronounce by initials L.E.C.; also called classroom 1)
LHR Library Human Resources (UCSD)
LiFT Library Financial Team (UCSD) - 3 senior DBF members and AUL/Admin Services
LiSN Libraries Staff Network; internal website to facilitate communication between internal departments and library employees.
LMG Library Management Group (UCSD)
LSST Library Safety & Security Team (UCSD)
LWPAG Librareis Public Website Advisory Group
LWPEG Libraries Website Public Editors Group


MELVYL UC online catalog
Merced See UCM.
Millenium III's brand name for our ILS, integrated library system
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MSCL Mandeville Special Collections Library (UCSD)
MSO Management Services Officer. Each department at UCSD has one. UCSD Libraries are considered one department.
MSP Managers and Senior Professionals (campus)


NGM Next Generation Melvyl
NRLF Northern Regional Library Facility. Storage facility for collections from northern California UC libraries.


OAI Open Archives Initiative: Develops and promotes interoperability standards to facilitate efficient dissemination of content.
OCLC Online Computer Library Center: Founded in 1967, the Online Computer Library Center is a nonprofit, membership, computer library service, and reserach organization dedicated to furthering access to the world's informatoin and reducing informaton costs. More than 41,555 libraries in 112 countries and territories around the world use OCLC services to locate, acquire, catalog, lend and preserve library materials (
OP or UCOP University of California, Office of the President (Oakland)


PACTECH Technical services version of INNOPAC.
PAG Preservation Advisory Group (UC ACG, reports to SOPAG)
PIR Patron Initiated Request (evolved into Request)


R&PD Research and Professional Development Committee. (UCSD & UC)
Recharge System by which departments pay each other for goods and services.
Relais System used for ILL.
Representative Assembly The voting members of the Academic Senate (UCSD)
Request Online feature for submitting interlibrary loan requests
Roger UCSD Libraries online catalog. Named for UCSD founder Roger Revelle, sometimes written ROGER
Room 274 Geisel Library classroom with instructor station, class workstations, and projection capability
Room 276 Geisel Library classroom with instructor station, class workstations, and projection capability
RSC Resource Sharing Commitee (ACG, reports to SOPAG)


Schedule of Classes (print retired 10/03; online access only on StudentLink)
S&E Science and Engineering Library (UCSD)
SCP Shared Cataloging: Provides catalog records for UC libraries; user intervace was designed, built, and maintained by ITD to split the shared records file sent to CDL; producing one for each UC campus, and posting it on the web for retrieval by the campuses (
SDPL San Diego Public Library
SDSU San Diego State University
SIO Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Refers both to the Institution and to its library (UCSD)
SLASIAC System wide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (UC)
SOM School of Medicine
SOPAG Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (UC)
Surplus Sales Old equipment, furniture, and withdrawn books get sold to public and others (UCSD)
SRLF Southern Regional Library Facility. Storage facility for southern California UC libraries, located at UCLA.
SR VCAA Senior Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs is the campus administrator to whom the University Librarian reports.
SSH, SSHL Social Sciences and Humanities Library (UCSD)


TEV Travel Expense Voucher
TIPP Tactical Implementation , Planning, & Progress Teams: Groups responsible for implemention of library strategic planning initiatives
TPOT Technical Processing Online Tools


UC University of California
UC/AFT University Council - American Federation of Teachers
UCB University of California, Berkeley
UCD University of California, Davis
UC eLinks

Provides a way for users to access online publications; check items's availability in UC libraries; request unavailable items; and communicate with librarians (via Ask-A-Librarian)

UCI University of California, Irvine
UCLA University of California, Los Angeles
UCM University of California, Merced
UCR University of California, Riverside
UCSB University of California, Santa Barbara
UCSC University of California, Santa Cruz
UCSD University of California, San Diego
UCSF University of California, San Francisco
UL University Librarian
USD University of San Diego


VCAA Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs is the campus division to which the Libraries report


Virtual Document Exchange: Digital document delivery system used by ILL: An interlibrary loan and document delivery system licensed to the UC system


WASC Western Association of Schools & Colleges is major academic accrediting association. For UCSD Libraries, institutional membership in WASC relates to borrowing privileges.
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