Filming in the Library or Use of Library Grounds

This information is for those requesting to take non-commercial photographs or video in the UCSD Library, or those requesting to use UCSD Library grounds.

Library users & employees may not be filmed or photographed without their knowledge and consent.

Incidental personal photography/video is permitted in Library facilities, subject to the Use & Conduct Policies and any posted restrictions covering specific areas/exhibits.

Commercial motion picture, video, film, or photography use of UCSD campus locations, including all Library facilities, requires advance arrangement and approval by the UCSD Communications Office (858-534-7618).

Contact the Library Administrative Office (858-534-3061) for advance authorization to use Library locations (including the external forum level) for:

  • Curriculum-related group activities, such as performances, exhibits, and meetings.
  • Curriculum-related projects involving photography, video/filming, performance, exhibits, displays, surveys, or other non-ordinary activities.

  1. Read these guidelines before submitting your request.
  2. Complete this online request form.
  3. Direct questions to Erin O’Brien by email or at 858-534-1235.