Library Noise Policy

The UC San Diego Library seeks to provide all users with a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment promoting intellectual exploration and learning, access to well-managed and diverse library collections, and the help of knowledgeable staff. The following Library Noise Policy is intended to ensure a pleasant and productive environment for all library users.

  • Excessive noise or any disruptive activity or behavior interfering with ordinary library use or operation is not permitted.
  • Conversation and collaborative work are permitted on Geisel's 1st and 2nd Floors and the Biomedical Library Building's 1st Floor. Phone conversations are permitted on these floors.
  • Geisel's Floors 4 through 7 and the Biomedical Library Building’s Floor 2 are designated quiet study areas. Conversation at a low volume is permitted in group study rooms in these areas. Phone conversations are not permitted on these floors.
  • Geisel's 8th Floor is designated for silent study. No conversation is permitted.
  • When in either Library facility, phones and other electronic devices are to be set to silent/vibrate mode.
  • During designated times, other areas may be designated for quiet or silent study at the Library's discretion.

To report a noise disturbance, contact a library staff member at the nearest service desk or text Library Security at (858) 282-3602.

Revised October 2018