Academic Review Information

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Academic Review Actions Calendar 2014-15

2014-15 Workshop documents



2013-14 Workshop documents

  • Self-Review Workshop
    • Handouts (PDF)
      • Criteria, Comparison of Wording & Examples (Handy-dandy document)
      • Advancement Criteria:
        • Assistant
        • Associate
        • Librarian
      • Workshop Evaluation
  • Review Initiators/Department Head Workshop
    • PowerPoint (PDF)
    • Handout (Checklist based on academic review actions calendar) (PDF)

Other Useful Documents

  • Academic Biography Form (DOC)
    • CAPA's Instructions for Academic Biography Form (DOC)
  • Librarian Roster (PDF)
  • Librarian Series Salary Scale (PDF)
  • Librarian Position Description Guidelines (DOC)
    • Sample Position Description (DOC)
  • Glossary of Useful Acronyms, Abbreviations, Unique Words & Phrases

Policies and Guidelines

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Self-Review Tips

Plan ahead: thinking about your review during the year diminishes stress in the several weeks prior to your writing the self-review.  Keep an activities log or calendars of activities At the end of each year take time to review your accomplishments in light of peer review. 

Think strategically and be selective.  Quantity is not criteria for advancement; quality is.  Plan strategically with your supervisor so that s/he understands your advancement intentions. Say “yes” and “no” to opportunities with the review cycle in mind.   Accept or pursue opportunities so they work to your advantage: e.g.  run for an officer position when the service period will cover two review cycles. Plan to achieve Librarian VI, it doesn’t happen by accident.

Read the ARPM before you start…yes, really…it will give you a comprehensive picture of the process.

Ask someone who has undergone the review process several times to read your self- review and give feedback. Ask someone outside your department. Ask your LAUC-SD buddy. Ask a previous CAPA member. Don’t rely solely on your review initiator; they may be new to the process too.

Remember the "So What?" factor. Ask yourself continually: So what? Why does this matter?  How did you meet or exceed the criteria?   You are not asked to evaluate the quality of your own performance.  You are asked to describe your activities and contributions and why they are important.