Mentoring Committee

We pair experienced librarians with UC San Diego students and staff who are interested in academic librarianship. You’ll get an inside look at the profession, including more about degree requirements and career options. Also look here for exciting speakers and programs that will help you prepare for the profession and your future in academic libraries.

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Become a mentor and share your knowledge and experience with the next generation of new librarians!

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Committee Members

Adele Barsh, Chair     (2015-2017)
Sibyl Shaefer (2015-2017)
Roger Smith (2015-2017)
Annalise Berdini (2016-2018)
Xi Chen (2016-2018)
SuHui Ho (2016-2018)
Michelle Mascaro (2016-2018)
Laura Schwartz (2016-2018)
Maria Din LHR Standing Liaison
Bethany Harris Internship Coordinator, ex officio
Amanda Roth Internship Coordinator, ex officio