Buddy Program

The LAUC Buddy Program is intended to welcome newly hired librarians and help them succeed in our environment, especially in (but not limited to) areas such as reviews and getting involved in LAUC. It is not intended to replace other mentoring activities that focus on the person's areas of job responsibility.

LAUC Buddies are established LAUC members who are paired for one year with newly hired librarians, generally outside the new librarian's own department. Buddies for new librarians are assigned by the LAUC Executive Board, but need not be members of the Executive Board.

Suggested activities:

  • Buddies should get together with their partner librarian as soon as possible after the new librarian has arrived and been oriented. Frequency of subsequent get-togethers is up to the two people involved, but at least one face-to-face meeting is suggested at first.
  • Buddies should offer to talk with their partner librarian about their first review process. In the case of librarians hired at levels where the review cycle is longer than a year, the assistance may or may not be necessary, but it should be offered.

Buddy packet contents (suggested):

  • Welcome letter signed by current LAUC-SD chair
  • The letter should indicate the designated Buddy, provide the URL to the LAUC-SD website, and mention the following materials that are available on the site:
    • Brief Guide to LAU
    • Membership and executive board roster
    • Dates of upcoming membership meeting