About eScholarship

Scope and Purpose

The UCSD Libraries are committed to supporting new models to share research, scholarship, and innovations in all academic subject areas, and in our own field of library science in particular. To share the applied research and innovations actively underway at the UCSD Libraries, staff is strongly encouraged to deposit its presentations and publications in the UCSD Libraries Section of UC's eScholarship.

Instructional materials fall outside the scope of UCSD Libraries eScholarship and may be submitted to the California Digital Library Instructional Materials.

Submission to the Selected Faculty and Student Research Publications will be administered by the Libraries Scholarly Communications Committee (chaired by the AUL for Collection Services).

UCSD Libraries eScholarship Team

Site Administrator, LAUC-SD Research & Professional Development Committee (R&PD), Human Resources Training Coordinator, AUL for Collection Services.


The UCSD Libraries eScholarship Team is charged to develop and administer this repository. Team responsibility includes setting guidelines to define the type of content and procedures for submission and maintenance. The intent is that these guidelines and best practices serve as a model for expanding UCSD contributions in other academic subject areas.


The Contributor, who is not part of the Team, but is essential for the success of UCSD Libraries eScholarship, submits material following the Guidelines for Contributing Materials.
Task List:

  1. Submits Submission Package to the Site Administrator.
  2. Submission Package includes the following: 
    • Contributor's material (presentation, publication, etc.)
    •  Author Agreement
    •  Context Statement. 1-2 sentences describing the context of the material. For example, where the presentation was made, where an article was published or, for unpublished materials, the intended audience;
    •  3-5 keywords that describe the content.
    •  Provide an abstract for the presentation or publication.
The Site Administrator manages administrative tasks related to the UCSD Libraries eScholarship web site including submitting materials to UCSD Libraries eScholarship, as well as preparing submissions for R&PD review.
Task List:
  • Gathers items in the Submission Package from Contributors for R&PD review.
  • Maintains a web site that includes the Guidelines for Contributing Materials, Submission Package, Calendar of Deadlines and the UCSD Libraries eScholarship Author Agreement.
  • Communicates upcoming deadlines to UCSD Libraries staff.
  • Uploads materials to UCSD Libraries eScholarship.


R&PD serves as the Submission Review Board of UCSD Libraries eScholarship. R&PD reviews submissions to eScholarship, approving or returning them to the Contributor according to the UCSD Libraries eScholarship Content Policy. R&PD does not review content quality as a peer review board might. Task List:

  • R&PD reviews submissions monthly
  • R&PD may suggest keywords that describe the content of submissions

The HR Training Coordinator monitors library-wide awareness of UCSD Libraries eScholarship, including offering an annual training session that covers the UCSD Libraries eScholarship Content Policy, Guidelines for Contributing Materials, UCSD Libraries eScholarship Author Agreement and the Calendar of Deadlines.

The AUL for Collection Services acts as the liaison between the UCSD Libraries eScholarship Team, the Libraries Scholarly Communication Committee, and the CDL for management issues.

Annual review

The UCSD Libraries eScholarship Team meets annually to review workload, policies and procedures. If the team determines that the workload for any team member or group has become onerous, the team may revise or reorganize the roles, charge and/or workflow, including appointing a different committee structure to review submissions.


  1.  Following the Guidelines for Contributing Materials, the Contributor sends the Submission Package to the Site Administrator.
  2. The Site Administrator submits materials monthly to the R&PD Chair. Deadline: 12 working days before the monthly R&PD meeting.
  3. The R&PD Chair forwards materials to the other committee members (or places them in the R&PD shared folder). Deadline: the 10 working days before the R&PD monthly meeting.
  4. R&PD committee members review each Submission Package to ensure that they follow the Guidelines for Contributing Materials.
  5. R&PD discusses submissions at its monthly meeting, accepting them for inclusion in UCSD Libraries eScholarship or returning them to the Contributor.
  6. The R&PD Chair sends a list of accepted materials to the Site Administrator for submission to UCSD Libraries eScholarship.
  7. The R&PD Chair returns the unaccepted materials to the Contributor with comments, suggestions and/or reasons for return. R&PD may suggest another eScholarship repository that would be more appropriate for the material.
      [NB: During the first year, as submissions are reviewed, R&PD will develop a list of reasons for returning submissions.]
  8. The Site Administrator submits material to UCSD Libraries eScholarship.