Guidelines & Instructions for Contributing Materials

Content Policy

The UC San Diego Libraries Section of UC's eScholarship (UCSD Libraries eScholarship) includes professional material related to library, archival and information science prepared by UCSD Libraries staff upon submission of a signed UCSD Libraries eScholarship Author Agreement and review by the UCSD Libraries eScholarship Team. Informal publications (not peer reviewed), such as presentations, working papers, or posters are accepted on the condition that they are openly accessible on or after the date that the UCSD Libraries eScholarship Author Agreement is signed.

Formal publications (publications that have passed some kind of peer review), such as journal articles or books, are accepted on the condition that the author submitting the publication can show proof of agreement with the original publisher that the material may be reprinted.

Instructional materials are not accepted. They may be submitted to the California Digital Library Instructional Materials.

Digital formats specified by CDL as acceptable for eScholarship (currently, PDF only) are accepted.

Please note: It may be necessary to amend your publisher agreement in order to deposit a copy of your work in eScholarship. In these cases, the following statement may be required (be sure to also verify with the publisher):

Publisher acknowledges that Author retains the right to provide a copy of the ['final peer-reviewed manuscript' or other language as applicable] in UC eScholarship upon acceptance for publication.


  1. Complete the UCSD eScholarship Submission Package Checklist. Email the document to
  2. Complete and sign the Author Agreement. Mail signed form to Jennifer Franson.
  3. The R&PD committee reviews the submission package for inclusion in the eScholarship system (generally at the next scheduled meeting).
  4. If accepted, the Chair will notify you when the item will be formally deposited. If not accepted, the Chair will suggest changes and ask for resubmission.
  5. If you have any questions, require assistance, or would like an update on the status of your submission, please contact a member of the R&PD Committee.