University Librarian's Innovation Fund

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Contributions to this fund make the critical difference between a "good" library and an "excellent" one, and enable UCSD to remain in the forefront of academic teaching and research.

One of the most valuable gifts one can give to the UC San Diego Library is an unrestricted contribution to be used to fulfill the Library's greatest needs. Such innovation funds ensure the excellence of the Library by providing the University Librarian with the ability to:

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  • Purchase significant research materials outside the State budget the moment they come on the market
  • Improve access and implement new public services benefiting students, faculty, and the community
  • Improve the quantity and quality of study space offered for individual and group research and studies
  • Strategically look ahead at projects, programs, and resources that will continue to make the UC San Diego Library stronger and more dynamic than ever.

We hope you will support the UC San Diego Library by giving online or contacting us at (858) 534-7021 or