Making an Impact

Holocaust Survivor’s Message of Love Prevails through Memorial Gift

Holocaust survivor Lou Dunst could have lived life consumed by anger after his experiences during World War II. He had been left for dead in an Austrian concentration camp when U.S. troops broke through the gates with a military tank. Yet, after his liberation, Dunst turned the hate and inhumanity that he had witnessed into a message of peace.

By the time of his death in 2015, Dunst had spoken publicly to thousands—from schoolchildren to dignitaries—sharing his story to ensure that atrocities like the Holocaust never happened again. He was a frequent speaker at UC San Diego’s Holocaust Living History Workshop, co-hosted by The Library and the campus’s Jewish Studies Program to preserve the memory of victims and survivors of the Holocaust and to consider the Holocaust’s relevance today.

In honor of her late husband’s legacy and impact, Estelle Dunst chose to establish the Lou Dunst Memorial Endowment at UC San Diego to provide ongoing support for the Holocaust Living History Workshop. In addition, the gift provides funding to support access to the Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive through the The Library. The subscription ensures that students and community members can continue to benefit from eyewitness testimonies of Holocaust survivors, including Dunst.

“Lou helped so many people. He was constantly helping others,” said Estelle Dunst. “This gift is a way to carry on his legacy and make sure that Lou and his message of love are remembered in perpetuity.”

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