Meet Our Donors

Greg Hom ('87)

Greg HomAs an active lecturer and author in the field of optometry, Greg Hom (’87) appreciates the professional resources the UC San Diego Library provides the community. Over the years, Greg has used the Biomedical collection as a valued information resource for his scholarly presentations as well as gathering information to improve the care of his patients, and feels the Library is one of the best tangible links he still has with campus. His appreciation for library resources started as an undergraduate when he worked in the Library and was invited to serve as a student representative to the campus library committee. He valued the opportunity to offer input on library collections and services and to get an “insider” view to library operations.

Many thanks to Greg for his continued interest and support of the Library—both financially and as an active library user.

Vera Campbell

Personally, I have always loved libraries. Although I like the convenience of the internet and wireless gadgets, there is nothing that can be compared to walking into a library. When I was in college at San Diego State University I worked in the mendery which was the office where books were repaired. I learned how books are assembled and I acquired an appreciation of inks, paper and fonts. Very often I would repair reference books that had been damaged or had missing sections. It was a pleasure handling so many different kinds of books and realize that the library continues to grow and expand, yet the older books are still respected.

When my older children were in college I was fortunate to visit many beautiful libraries at their colleges; Dartmouth and Harvard. The collections were stunning and I always admired how carefully they are treated. Older books are a clear reminder of how far printing, publishing, and bookmaking have advanced. My husband and I are happy to be able to make a small gift to the UCSD Library and hope that it will benefit the student body as a whole.

Best regards,

Vera Campbell
Rancho Santa Fe

Susan Hambey ('84)

My reason for donating specifically to the Library fund is simply because I believe that books and other research materials and the guidance to utilize them is the foundation for a college education. Knowing how to use the resources available at a library is a skill I want to encourage, especially in this age of Wikipedia and Google.

I also want to support acquisition of new materials.

Lastly, the Geisel Library (Central Library in my day) was where I spent most of my waking hours during my time at UCSD.

--Susan Hambey, ‘84
Saratoga, CA