Organic Reactions (new resource)

Posted On: August 12, 2015

This summer the UC San Diego Library licensed the Wiley major reference work/database Organic Reactions.

Organic Reactions is a series of critical reviews focusing on 240,000+ important and useful synthetic reactions, “…much more than a surfeit of primary references; they constitute a distillation of an avalanche of information into the knowledge needed to correctly implement a reaction.”

Each review includes:

  • A critical discussion of the featured type of reaction, including mechanism, scope and limitations, applications to synthesis, and comparison with other methods.
  • A step-by-step guide to performing it, enabling the user to successfully repeat the process quickly.
  • Dedicated compilations of information about each reaction including extensive tables that catalog all published examples of the reaction in the literature, as well as safety and procedural guidance to help ensure safety and success in their execution.

You can search the series by standard bibliographic fields like author, title and full-text/keyword, as well as:

  • Chemical name, molecular weight or formula, reaction keyword (browse or search), catalyst, solvent, temperature, yield
  • Use the MarvinSketch editor to draw or import structures and reactions.

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