Summer 2009 Arts Library Renovation Update

We are almost done! Soon our new desk will open, and we will be operating out of our new space.
The new Arts Library includes:
• a combined (art, music & film) service desk
• an integrated (art, music, film) reference collection
• new location for music oversize scores
• new media playback stations
• graduate lockers
• small group viewing rooms (December 2009)
• public flatbed scanner (October 2009)
• electrified tables
• wireless connectivity

We hope you will be excited about this refreshed space which will better serve you!
As always, ask us if you need help finding anything!

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Arts Library Renovation Update Spring Quarter 2009

Work is underway and progressing well as the renovation of the Arts Library continues. The former staff areas have been demolished and the new interior spaces and infrastructure are being built. If you are onsite, take a peek through the window by the west wing elevator to see the “work in progress”. Also check out our FLICKR site for new photographs as the construction continues. The work to redirect the staircase leading down from the Arts Library from Research Services will take place during the June 2009 intersession so to not disrupt library users.

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A Letter To You From The Head of the Arts Library

Update on UCSD Arts Library Renovation

Dear UCSD Faculty, Students, and Staff:

In July 2008, the UCSD Libraries merged the Art & Architecture Library and the Music, Film, & Video Library administratively into a single Arts Library. The services provided by the UCSD Arts Library continue to evolve and develop in support of a wide array of academic programs. The Arts Library’s physical space, however, has proven to be inadequate to support the changing study, teaching, and research needs of the UCSD community.

As a result of changes in the patterns of use of the library’s collections, services, and spaces, in addition to changes in technology, the UCSD Libraries have, after consultation with the Arts Library Advisory Committee and other faculty, committed the resources necessary to undertake a renovation of the former Art & Architecture Library area in order to build a unified and flexible Arts Library. This renovation, once completed, will result in greatly enhanced services for faculty and students by providing a single, highly visible service desk for all service and information needs and an improved infrastructure for the delivery of media to users. It will also result in more efficient space for library staff.
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Q&A – UCSD Arts Library Renovation, 2008-09

Q. Why is the renovation taking place?

A. To improve the Arts Library’s physical space so it better supports the current and future arts-related study, teaching, and research needs of the UCSD community.

Q. How long will the renovation take to complete?

A. The renovation will be completed in mid-2009.

Q. What will be the benefits of this remodel?

A. Some of the major benefits include:

· Expanded service hours

· A single, highly visible service desk for all arts service and information needs

· Improved infrastructure for the delivery of media to users (analog to digital, high definition)

· Creation of consolidated and efficient staff space

Q. Will the construction be noisy and disruptive?
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Arts Library Renovation Update!

The first phase of a complete renovation of the Arts Library has begun. Some arts and music collections and services have been relocated in preparation for the construction. We realize that this renovation will at times be noisy and disruptive, especially during demolition activities. We have implemented measures to help mitigate noise and dust, and also have ear plugs available for patrons at our desk. During the academic year 08-09 all Arts Library services including media (audio, film and image) access and reserves as well as information and reference assistance for all of the arts (art, architecture, film, music) will be offered from the former Music, Film & Video Library desk. The good news is in spite of this renovation, we have expanded our service desk hours. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the continuing renovation activities. Please continue to visit the Arts Library blog for the most up-to-date information.

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More Changes Coming Soon!

On June 16th, the AAL, FVR, and Music, Film & Video Library desks will be closed to allow for the moving and re-installation of equipment and furniture to new, temporary homes on the lower level of the west wing of Geisel. To assist you during this time (June 16-27/intercession weeks) an Arts Library staff member will be stationed in front of the Arts Library exhibit cases from 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday.
Starting on June 30th (1st day of summer session) the current Music, Film Library Service desk (you know, the one all the way to your left if you come down the stairway that’s by special collections) will be the temporary combined ARTS LIBRARY desk. All art, architecture, music, film, visual resources inquires can be taken care of there. This is also where you will go for Film & Video Reserves. Our desk phone number will be 534-8074, but the old AAL (534-4811) & FVR (534-3075) desk numbers will be routed to this number too. If you ever have trouble finding what you need, just come to us for help!

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The Extreme Makeover Continues!

As we in the Arts Libraries continue to move onward with our renovations…more things have moved! Music Books are now over in Current Periodicals, Newspapers & Microforms (aka CPNM). Some of our bound journals like NA (Architecture) and NK (Decorative Arts) are away at the annex but can be requested (paged) as needed. Our slide collection will stop circulating at the end of this quarter, but you can access all of our images using ArtStor. You’ll find a comment & suggestion box on the lower level where you can let us know any problems or concerns you may have as things shift around, or, you can always comment here, and we’ll post our response asap.

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Cue Serious Music..

Important Notice for UCSD Faculty:

The Art & Architecture Library’s Slide Collection will close June 6th, 2008.

If you need an orientation to ARTstor, Please contact Vickie O’Riordan – Visual Resources Curator. ARTstor is a database of over 550,000 digital images licensed by the UC campuses to support classroom teaching. ARTstor provides tools that enable faculty and students to find, display, and use digital images in the classroom and for academic and scholarly purposes.

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The Arts Libraries Extreme Makover Continues!

As you may have noticed, things are starting to happen in the Arts Libraries in preparation for our exciting makeover which begins major construction in August…The goal of this renovation will be to have a single service (reference/information/reserves) desk, to consolidate collections, and to install new technology to support the delivery of new media to users.

In preparation for the summer 2008 demolition of the existing Art & Architecture Library and Film & Video Reserves space, some collections, services and staff will be temporarily relocated.
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Arts Libraries Extreme Makeover!

What the…?


The Arts Library has begun the first phase of our renovation! Music Scores have moved over to CPNM (that’s Current Periodicals Newspapers & Microforms) which is on the same floor of Geisel. The Art & Architecture and Music current periodicals have also been moved over to CPNM. We’ve also moved all of the books in Controlled Circulation (the ones in the locked shelving) to the Annex off site. This means it will take a day or so for you to get one of those books titled “con circ” in the online library catalogue. So now it looks like a roller rink, until the next big change..Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news!!

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