Need a Typeface?

Look at this great graphic to help you choose (although I never recommend Comic Sans Serif. ever)

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The Years Best Custom Typography

Via LetterCult

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iPhone that edits your photos and creates infinite types of design based on educated theories

Via BoingBoing via appart

“addLib mixes the Grid System, a fractal theory, the golden ratio and the Facial Recognition System, and then creates graphic design. It seems the layout is made at random, but it comes from the rigorous calculated system. These theories have been made through the process that people has been trying to find new expression, and they are also the ways, to capture very ordinary “beauty” in nature, namely algorithm.”

click here to watch a video!

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Friends of Type

So, look at this amazing new blog!font
It totally totally floats my boat. Add it to your RSS feeds, bookmark it, whatever, just check it out.

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Free Fonts From The Smeltery!

Available HERE!

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Too many things I like all together!

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What Font Are You?

Take the quiz to find out and then leave the result in comments! (I’m Courier)

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RIP Martin K. Tytell

Typewriter mechanical genius Martin Tytell has passed away. “Beyond an average repairman, Tytell was an artisan of the typewriter. He built a hieroglyphics typewriter for a curator, musical note machines for musicians and recreated Alger Hiss’ typewriter, flaws and all, thus killing the legal argument that each machine had a unique fingerprint.”

From a 1997 Atlantic Monthly article by Ian Frazier:

“At about that time he added a new service to his business — converting American-made typewriters to foreign alphabets for the stationery department at Macy’s department store. He did these jobs on short notice and fast. Macy’s would tell a customer that they could provide a typewriter in the customer’s language before he left town; then Martin would remove the type from an American typewriter, solder on new type for the alphabet desired, and put new lettering on the keyboard. Usually he converted to Spanish or French, not difficult jobs, but he did Russian, Greek, and German, too. He found that by adding an idle gear he bought for forty-five cents on Canal Street, he could make a typewriter go from right to left. That enabled him to do Arabic and other right-left languages such as Hebrew and Farsi.”

Via BoingBoing
The NYT Obit

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Summer Camp

My birthday is coming up, are you wondering what to get me? Please send me to summer camp.
I just found out about the nerdiest, best thing ever–Type Camp. Yes, that’s right, Type Camp. A bunch of font loving grown-ups gather together on a beautiful island in British Columbia to talk about, play with, create and explore the joys of type. 15 people, all meals catered, afternoons to explore the island- all at the low low price of $1280 (Canadian). Sigh.
I found out about this camp from my new favorite blog, I Love Typography, and yes, I do realize that this is turning into an obsession.

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Even More Font Fun?

Yes, I’ve been on a font roll lately it’s true..
But yesterday Digital Inspiration posted on a new web-based program called FontStruct that lets you design your very own fonts-easily and then, if you like, share it via Creative Commons. So cool..and fun to play with!

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