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If you already have a blog feed set up, just click the All! Category on the front page to get the address you need for your reader..

The Arts Library Blog is available for reading via RSS feed. RSS is a technology that lets you keep up on new content from frequently-updated web sites like blogs and news sites.
Let’s say that you want to be alerted when we post information about a new event or exhibit at our library, you could use the rss feed for events and exhibits– feed://

Why use RSS?
The advantage of using RSS to read blogs and news that you have subscribed to, is that you can skim lots of sources quickly.

How does it work?
To use an RSS feed, you need two things:
1. You need a reader for RSS feeds. There are many different readers available including specialized software you install on your computer and several web-based readers such as and Google Reader, as well as browser-based tools such as Firefox’s “Live Bookmarks” feature.
2. Once you have a feed reader, you need to subscribe to the feeds you want to read. This is often as simple as copying the feed address and pasting it into the “subscribe” or “add” option in your feed reader.

When you start up your feed reader, you will see lists of new items in those feeds that have been added since you last checked.

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