The Arts Library Presents a Steampunk Tea

Victorian time travelers are invited to visit the UC San Diego Library, at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, August 25th in the climate controlled comforts of the mother ship Geisel Library on the campus of UC San Diego.

Enjoy light refreshments with fellow futurists, explorers and adventurers and attend Anastasia Hunter’s survey of steampunk literature (from Jules Verne onwards).

on display at the tea: Examples of Victorian era entertainments such as magic lanterns, paper theatres and paper optical toys. Critique a scale-model paper theatre version of Jules Verne’s “Journey Through the Impossible”  and drop in for screenings of steampunk-friendly films in our high-def viewing rooms.

Attention new visitors: steampunk literature re-imagines the Victorian era with a sci-fi aesthetic in a steam-powered, gaslight world filled with wind-up gadgets and clockwork technology.

About our guest speaker:
Anastasia Hunter, Director of Programming for the  Gaslight Gathering, San Diego’s premier steampunk convention, will speak about the history of steampunk literature, from its inception in the 19th Century with the works of Victor Hugo and Jules Verne, to the 1980’s when the term “steampunk” was first coined. Ms. Hunter will also survey more recent examples of the genre from authors such as Scott Westerfeld and Cherie Priest. Anastasia’s presentation will highlight the use of steampunk as an inspiration for journeys of discovery both real and imaginary.

This event is free and open to the public. Parking is free that day, as well.
For more information, contact Scott Paulson at or call (858) 822-5758, or visit

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