DML Projects: Homepage Video Game

Posted On: August 12, 2015

We made a short video game to spice up our website. We’ll be adding extra info and options as the Lab develops.

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DML Projects

Posted On: August 7, 2015

With the Digital Media Lab (DML) set to open in October, our staff have been working hard to identify tools & techniques which will be useful to our users, and training to master them. We’ll be offering specialized on-one-one consultations and group workshops. Email us at if you have any questions or suggestions.

These are some flat style job aids we’ve made for the Price Center’s One Button Studio, and another for out Makerbot 3D printer. We’re looking to apply the same simple styles to infographics and data visualizations.

Here’s a stop motion video animating books in the Library. The actual photo shoot took a couple of hours, but editing took days. It was a valuable lesson in project planning.

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Another Project Video from the Digital Media Lab

Text animation is a great way to spice up a boring presentation. We decided to try out a few different techniques on pictures we took around campus.

Come and check out the DML when we open this fall!

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Digital Media Lab – Summer Projects

The Library’s Digital Media Lab is opening up this coming fall, and staff are busy training. Check out our summer skillbuilding projects.

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Netflix for Checkout!

roku netflix

Need to view a movie we don’t have in our normal collection? Want to binge watch House of Cards without buying a Netflix subscription? The Library now offers two Roku media streaming devices with attached Netflix accounts. They are available for 3 day checkouts at the Geisel 1st floor Media Desk. Rokus can be used with and HDMI display, and are configured to work anywhere on campus where the UCSD_Guest wifi network is available. You can also connect to your own home wifi through the device’s settings menu.

This service is not intended for classroom use.

Please send questions and comments to

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