ChemBioOffice 14 and SciFinder

The campus-wide site license for ChemBioOffice/ChemDraw is funded by ACMS and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and administered by ACMS. Questions about the license or registration codes should be directed to For questions about SciFinder, contact Teri Vogel.

UCSD faculty, staff and students can now download the new ChemBioOffice 14. Among the enhancements, you can send your ChemDraw structure and reaction queries directly to SciFinder without having to copy/paste or import into the SciFinder structure editor. Instructions and technical information after the jump.

To install ChemBioOffice 14,

  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty, staff and graduate students should start at their department software portal
    • Everyone else (including chemistry undergrads) should start here
    • If you already have a CambridgeSoft account, you may also be able to login to their site and from My Site Subscription click Download Site Subscription Software.
  • The registration codes to activate the ChemBioOffice/ChemDraw software are distributed by ACMS. Once they confirm at you are a UCSD affiliate, they will send you that information within 48 hours, often sooner.
  • Required operating systems:
    • Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate
    • Windows 8.1
    • Mac OS 10.9+
  • If you have ChemBioOffice 13 on your computer, you should uninstall that first.

Once you have drawn and selected your structure, you will get an icon and menu option to Search SciFinder.  You can see the SciFinder logo above the lasso tool in the image below. A browser window will then open to the SciFinder login screen, where you enter your username and password (you’ll need to create a SciFinder account if you don’t already have one). The search results for your structure or reaction will then display.

  • Proxy or VPN (client version) is required to use SciFinder off campus. If you use proxy, make sure it is enabled for your default web browser, because that’s what will open when you search SciFinder from ChemDraw. Once you have logged into the proxy server, you’ll come to the SciFinder login screen. If VPN is activated and running, you’ll go from ChemDraw right to that SciFinder screen.
  • ChemBioOffice includes Mnova Lite 5.2.5 in the installation, but running it requires a license key from MestReNova. Complete the license form on their site; once they confirm your CambridgeSoft license, they’ll email you the license information.



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