Ethnic Disparities Cancer Research Grant

The Moores Cancer Center and SDSU are partners in a 5 year, $15 million dollar grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to focus on the ethnic disparities of cancer incidence and deaths.  The NCI is encouraging partnerships between cancer research centers and universities that have large ethnic student populations.

The emphasis for this grant is on why African-Americans with colorectal cancer have a higher death rate than other groups, as well as research into developing drugs that more precisely target prostate cancer and chemotherapy drugs for colon and pancreatic cancers.

Full story online at the San Diego Union-Tribune.
SDSU gets joint grant for cancer research
By Keith Darcé, staff writer
2:00 a.m. December 17, 2008

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Medical Center Library Construction Hours

The construction continues at the Medical Center Library-Hillcrest. In order to accommodate carpentry work that is, at times, very noisy—the library will close next week at 5PM to allow the noisier work at night.

Medical Center Library Hours

Dec 15th-16th Mon-Tues 7am-5pm

Dec 17th-19th Wed-Fri 7am -8pm

Dec 20th  Sat-  CLOSED

Dec 21th Sun 1pm-5pm (Regular hours)

Dec 22nd Mon – 8am -5pm

Dec 24th – January 1, 2009 – CLOSED

Journal Citation Reports Online – Factor the Impact of This!

The Biomedical and Medical Center Libraries are excited to let you know that we, along with the other UCSD Libraries have licensed (that means we’re paying for it in case you don’t know) UCSD-wide access to the online version of Journal Citation Reports.

For anyone that may not be aware of this resource, the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) analyzes journal citation patterns to determine “Impact Factors” and “Half-Life” values for thousands of journals. These values are used to measure the importance of individual journals relative to other titles in their field. The annual Journal Citation Reports for Sciences and Social Sciences journals compile these data into ranked lists of journals.

Having online access to this information has been on the wish list of the Biomedical and Medical Center Libraries, and many of our users, for many years, and we’re very happy to finally be able to provide this resource.

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Budget Message from UC President Yudof

This month’s issue of Our University features a budget update from UC President Mark Yudof.  The update features a video in which President Yudof lays out his case for full funding for UC in these admittedly difficult economic times, and the accountability measures UC is taking to demonstrate that the state gets good value for its dollar.  Well worth reading – and watching. (A transcript is available if the video won’t play for you.)

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Fantastic New Resource – First Consult

First ConsultThe Biomedical and Medical Center Libraries are excited to let you know that we have licensed (that means we’re paying for it in case you don’t know) UCSD-wide access to the clinical information resource First Consult.

First Consult provides three main types of information:

    Medical Topics: Clinically-compiled, regularly updated information on patient evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, tests, and prevention

<see example Tuberculosis>

    Differential Diagnoses: Provides a rapid evaluation of your patient’s complaint with interactive access to potential diagnoses ordered by age and prevalence

<see example Fatigue>

    Procedures: Clear systematic guidance, including videos and medical animations, of procedures across many specialties

<see example Skin Biopsy>

We believe that based on careful analysis of this resource, and feedback from medical students, residents, and SOM faculty that this resource will be a strong addition to our collection of online clinical resources. To see more of our online clinical resources, visit the UCSD Online Clinical Library

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Healthcare Reform – 2.0 Style

President-elect Obama’s healthcare reform starts with grassroots efforts.  At a conference call yesterday for 1,000 people (out of the 10,000 who responded via the internet) Thomas Daschle, Obama’s appointee for Secretary of Health & Human Services, began a dialog that promised to be the first of many opportunities for Americans to provide their input.

Already, online videos are being used to ask questions and prompt responses.  Blog postings and email alerts are also planned as information avenues.  Social networking technologies have reached new heights for allowing Americans to be heard.

See the full article in the Washington Post.

Hat tip to the iHealthBeat blog.

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Bib-what? More citation management tools than ever!

EndNote. RefWorks. CiteULike. Zotero.  Biblioscape. WikIndx.  Who can keep it all straight?  Wikipedia, that’s who!  Their article on comparison of citation management tools really lays out the current landscape on these tools very well including commercial, free, and open-source, desktop-based, server-based and web-based tools.  It offers charts on how they stack up on integration with word processors, supported platforms, import and export capabilities, citation styles and more.  Very, very useful!

A new player that’s been sending out publicity and is not yet on the Wikipedia charts is WizFolio.  We’ve only taken a very quick look at it so far, but it claims to offer a lot of the features of our existing Web-based tools like RefWorks and EndNote Web, but also includes PDF upload.  If you decide to try this, please take a close look at the Terms of Use specifically with respect to granting the company reuse rights to any of your own materials you decide to upload.

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UCSD to receive famous brain for study

If you studied neurosciences anytime in the last 40 years, you probably learned about an amnesic patient referred to as H.M. who was unable to form new long-term memories but could still learn new skills.  His case led to our modern understanding of memory formation and learning, and also provided insights into other brain disorders including Alzheimers Disease. H.M., whose full name was Henry Gustav Molaison, passed away last week at the age of 82. His brain will be transported to the Brain Observatory at UCSD where it will be sliced, stained, and imaged, and digital images made available to the scientific community. Dr. Jacopo Annese is a computational neuroanatomist at UCSD who will oversee the work on H.M.’s brain.  He is quoted in the San Diego Union-Tribune: “Researchers will be able to compare actual brain tissue with research findings made during Henry’s life. They will be able to see what is there, what is not and how it relates to what Henry lost.”

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10 Tips to help you Go Green & Save Green

For the past 10 weeks, we have posted a weekly tip to help you “Go Green and Save Green” by using some of our services that can save you money and help the environment. Here is a complete list of the 10 tips:

  1. Use online biomedical textbooks and journals from anywhere. Find out about our growing collection of online books and journals that you can use from any computer with Internet access.
  2. Get expert help from a librarian – online. Save time by taking advantage of our electronic reference services to find full-text materials and get tips for searching library resources. Contact us via e-mail, chat, IM, or text message (txt).
  3. Create a PDF of a print article. Use our scanners to make an electronic copy of a print article. Just be sure to bring your flash/thumb drive to save a copy to take away!
  4. When you are in a database (e.g PubMed, BIOSIS), use UC-eLinks to get full-text online articles. The orange button links to the online version of an article, provides information about where to find it in our libraries, and links to a form that you can use to request a PDF of the article at no charge to you.
  5. Get articles from our print collection delivered directly to your desktop. Use our Document Delivery service to get PDFs of articles available from our print collection that are not available online sent directly to you for a small charge.
  6. Have books delivered from San Diego libraries delivered to a UCSD campus library. Search Circuit, the catalog that includes the holdings from UCSD, USD, SDSU, CSUSM, and the San Diego County Libraries, and get books delivered to campus at no cost to you.
  7. Set up your online library account (i.e., Roger account). Find out how to set up your account to renew books, put holds on books to pick up later, and transfer books from one library to another.
  8. Send information needed to find a book to your cell phone (via txt message). Search for books now, get them later. Use the txt feature in our catalog, Roger, to send the information you need to get the book from the shelf to your cell phone.
  9. Manage your PDF articles. Learn about several desktop PDF management tools and free web tools that can help you organize articles.
  10. Keep up with new resources and services by reading read Currents online. Check out the Biomedical Library quarterly newsletter, Currents, published in print and online.
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Medical Center Library Remodeling Begins

Construction at the Medical Center Library will begin next week.  Some construction activities have been scheduled to occur during business hours and other activities have been scheduled to take place at night after hours. To accommodate the various contractors and crews, the library will have a varying schedule over the course of the next few months, which may involve early closure or closed status.

MCL will report-out on a weekly basis business hours for the upcoming week.

MCL BUSINESS HOURS — Week of December 8- 12, 2008

  • Monday, December 8th – Regular hours 7a- 8p

  • Tuesday, December 9th- Reduced hours 7a-5p

  • Wednesday, December 10th- Reduced hours 7a-5p
  • Thursday, December 11th – Regular hours
  • Friday, December 12th – Regular hours
  • Saturday & Sunday, December 13th &14th – Regular hours

See Medical Center website for complete hours.

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