BIOSIS Previews

If you’re doing basic science research, you should be using BIOSIS. Includes subjects and types of material that PubMed doesn’t. For example, BIOSIS covers many conference abstract books that PubMed doesn’t cover.

We recommend using the “General Search” option – read more info about BIOSIS.

A picture is worth 1000 clicks…

Looking for images in medicine or biology? There are many good online image collections available – we’ve brought a lot of them together on our new Image Collectionspage.

Health and Wellness Resource Center

A mix of scholarly and consumer-oriented sources on health topics, including journals and magazines, news sources, an encyclopedia, drug information and multimedia presentations.

Contains full text articles from a number of consumer-oriented health magazines and sources not part of the libraries’ regular collections.


Web-based tool for managing references and writing bibliographies for papers. Similar to the End-NoteĀ® software program, but accessible via your Web browser and licensed by the UCSD Libraries for campus-wide use.
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Encyclopedia of Biostatistics – Resource of the Month, December 2005

This online encyclopedia features chapters on topics of interest to biostatisticians, epidemiologists, biologists and others, from Aalen’s Additive Regression Model to Zygosity Determination.

BML: Old News archive

Our new website offers a Resource of the Month section as well as this blog for tracking news and new library resources. Previously, we had a News area with similar info, and when a new story came along, the old content was bumped to an “old news” page. Here’s where you can find those items – butterflies, open access, etc.

Current Protocols

Popular series of laboratory “cookbooks” for immunology, protein science, genetics, etc. Please note: we do not subscribe to the title, “Current Protocols in Food Analytical Chemistry.” Try it!