Do You Miss Google Scholar?

Google recently moved their menu items around and Google Scholar is no longer in the top menu.  In addition to being annoying for fans of the product, it also means that if you do a search in “regular” Google, you can’t just flip over and redo the same result in Google Scholar. Instead, you have to go digging through their “more” menus.

Scholarfy is a new “bookmarklet” tool designed by Johan Ugander of Cornell University. It’s super simple to set it up from the Scholarfy page.  For Firefox or Chrome users, just follow the directions to drag Scholarfy to your bookmark toolbar.  In Internet Explorer, right-click the link to the actual bookmarklet, and add it to Favorites, selecting the Favorites bar as the location.

Now, after you do a Google web search, you can just click Scholarfy on your bookmark/favorites toolbar to redo your search in Google Scholar.

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Mac users: Safari 5.1 and Acrobat not working well together

Mac users take note: the latest Safari 5.1 web browser has some compatibility problems with Adobe Acrobat.  Specifically, you may not be able to view some PDFs properly, and the navigation menu for scrolling and saving files may not appear.   Adobe has a short item about this on their technical support site.


  • Use a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox
  • If the site offers a direct link to the PDF, you can use your mouse to click+hold over the link and then use the “Save As” function to save the PDF to your computer, then open the file with Acrobat/Acrobat Reader outside of your web browser.


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National Family History Day

As you make plans for a happy Thanksgiving holiday, the Surgeon General suggests also talking about family health.  Knowing your family health history can be a vital screening tool for you and your physician.  So among the many things you chat about with your family this weekend, add health to the list.

No need for expensive genealogy software, use the Surgeon General’s family history site, My Family Health Portrait to capture it all.

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PubMed to Excel

For those comprehensive literature reviews, sometimes Excel (or another spreadsheet) would be ideal for evaluating articles.  Recently PubMed added a “Send To-File” option for the file type CSV (for spreadsheets).  However, I recently talked with a user who needed more than the default columns PubMed offers.

In seeking an answer to how to customize PubMed’s limited columns (not possible, at least, not yet) I stumbled upon a handy tool with a default that included the column he really wanted — article abstracts.  The tool is open-source (free) and called Pubmed2XL.  It will work with just about any spreadsheet program – Excel, Open Office, Google Docs, etc.  Download it free at:  Those familiar with XML can customize the columns further, but their defaults were perfect for this situation.

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UCSD Libraries New Mobile Website

The UCSD Libraries now have a new mobile-friendly website that works on most smartphone browsers!  Just point your browser to

The mobile site features the information you need on the go – our hours, contact info, directions, as well as several ways to ask us questions and finally a list of research tools from our collections that we’ve tested out on mobile devices.   There is also a link back to the “regular” website, which does work on phone browsers but is more difficult to navigate on the small screen.

Please note, some of the research tools might not work optimally from all smartphone browsers, and some of them require you to be connected to the UCSD network.

Please let us know what you think about this new site and if there is additional information you’d like to see from the libraries when you’re using your mobile device.

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UCSD Wireless Changes

The changes that have been in the works for the UCSD wireless networks have now taken effect.  You will now have the following choices in the libraries and most campus locations covered by wi-fi:

  • UCSD-Protected: this is the recommended network for all UCSD staff, students and faculty.  If you have not already done so, you will need to install a security certificate. Instructions for computers, smartphones and PDAs are located at the UCSD Wireless Overview page.
  • UCSD-Guest: users who are not with UCSD can register their own computers online to use the guest wireless network.  Please note that this network will NOT get you access to UCSD libraries’ licensed electronic journals, databases, or ebooks.

For details see

Please note this does not affect separate wireless services available at the Medical Centers.

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Swine Flu current awareness tool via iGoogle

If you use iGoogle to help manage your online information, here’s a handy tool you can add to help you keep up to date on the emerging swine flu outbreak.  If you are logged into your Google account, just click here to add a “tab” to your iGoogle pages.   The tab includes headline searches and information from CDC and other organizations tracking the outbreak.  This was originally set up by P.F. Anderson, a librarian at the University of Michigan who helpfully posted a tutorial on how she created it.  We’ve tweaked it just a bit to add content from KPBSNews which is posting to their Twitter account as local stories emerge.  If you know of another good source of current information on the outbreak, please let us know via the comments.

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EndNote & HubMed

HubMed is an alternative way to access the information contained in PubMed.  It has a number of interesting features; two of them relate to getting information into EndNote.  One trick, (see previous blog post) will let you copy & paste a list of citations (from Word or a PDF) into HubMed’s Citation Finder to find the full citation & abstract and import them into EndNote.

A newer feature will let you directly import your citations from HubMed into EndNote – skipping that save file-import file process.  To import directly, you must first download the HubMed import filter (zip format) and save the file in the right EndNote folder.  Once done, run your search, select the articles of interest, and use the button at the bottom of the page to send them all to EndNote.  This works for at least version X, X1, & X2.  Earlier versions required a slightly different format – for details, see

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Get our blog news in your email

Shoot The Breeze is a free third-party tool you can use to sign up to receive blog feeds in your email.  Blogs use a technology called RSS to deliver information about new postings, and if you use an RSS reader like Google Reader, NewsGator or Bloglines, it’s easy to sign up for ours and many other news feeds.  But if you’d rather just receive everything in your email, this service makes it possible.

To our knowledge, this doesn’t sign you up for spam or ads.

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Bib-what? More citation management tools than ever!

EndNote. RefWorks. CiteULike. Zotero.  Biblioscape. WikIndx.  Who can keep it all straight?  Wikipedia, that’s who!  Their article on comparison of citation management tools really lays out the current landscape on these tools very well including commercial, free, and open-source, desktop-based, server-based and web-based tools.  It offers charts on how they stack up on integration with word processors, supported platforms, import and export capabilities, citation styles and more.  Very, very useful!

A new player that’s been sending out publicity and is not yet on the Wikipedia charts is WizFolio.  We’ve only taken a very quick look at it so far, but it claims to offer a lot of the features of our existing Web-based tools like RefWorks and EndNote Web, but also includes PDF upload.  If you decide to try this, please take a close look at the Terms of Use specifically with respect to granting the company reuse rights to any of your own materials you decide to upload.

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