Harry Potter’s World Display

The Biomedical Library is featuring a breezeway display called “Harry Potter’s World.”  This exhibit is being held in conjunction with the National Library of Medicine traveling exhibit, “Harry Potter’s World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine.”  It explores Harry Potter’s world and how it touches the muggle world of early Renaissance scientists, scholars, chemists (or alchemists) and nature.  The three Biomedical Library breezeway cases focus on potions, plants and people, respectively.

A LibGuide has been created to complement the breezeway display – http://libguides.ucsd.edu/hpdisplay – including four fun quizzes that test your knowledge about the contents of the website and the Harry Potter stories.

Stop by to see the physical display which will be up through June 2012, at least, and also check out the online site.  May the Harry Potter festivities continue!

Harry Potter's World Display

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