And still more on the Research Works Act discussion

This issue continues to generate a great deal of debate, as well it should. You can find some more recent discussions by following the links below. Today Jennifer Howard reports in the Chronicle of Higher Ed that the Modern Language Association, among other professional associations, is also protesting the proposed legislation that ‘will curb access to research’.

On January 13, Alison Mudditt, Director of the University of California Press, noted that the ‘University of California Press differs from AAP on Research Works Act‘.

Richard Poynder lists other good discussions on the issue:

* Nature Publishing Group, Digital Science and the AAAA do not support the Research Works Act:

* The Library of Congress and RAND Corporation remain neutral on the Research Works Act:

* BioMed Central opposes the Research Works Act:

* Springer does not think the Research Works Act will be successful:


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