Check Real-Time Availability of Computers at Geisel Library

Need to find a computer in the Library? You can now check live computer availability on the large digital sign located in the east-side entryway into Geisel. Our goal with this project is to help students plan their use of the increasingly busy building. We encourage our campus community to leave their feedback on the whiteboard, to the right of the screen.

This is a pilot program to test out a new piece of software. The Library is looking to expand this service to include seating and group study rooms availability in the near future. Next quarter, we’ll be working to get more student feedback on this visualization project. The digital sign will remain in place during Finals Week.

Send questions, comments and suggestions to the Library’s web manager.

Sea Turtle Update

It’s been a year since the DML helped Birch Aquarium staff design a prosthetic shell piece for their star turtle. The Loggerhead Sea Turtle was rescued from a New Jersey power plant in 2013 with a large gap in the bottom right part of her shell. This gap, along with an abnormal curve of her spine and paralysis of her back flippers, is likely due to trauma experienced in the wild before she was rescued.

The brace, shown in the video below, is made of a rigid white plastic that was 3-D printed to fit the turtle’s shell precisely. There is a ratcheting plastic cable that attaches to two fasteners to provide strength, support and pressure as needed to allow flexibility as she grows. A velcro neoprene weight pocket is also attached, separately, to help provide neutral buoyancy while she rests. All of the equipment used was adhered with a safe, two-part marine epoxy. The sea turtle, which could grow to as much as 250 pounds — will eventually outgrow the brace and have to be fit for a new one.

A year later, the Digital Media Lab is now working to analyze the turtle’s shell shape to see if the brace has had any impact on her spinal alignment. After reviewing these high resolution 3D CT scans, it appears that she’s not suffered any noticeable change to the shell shape or any adverse impacts. Regular monitoring is necessary as the sea turtle continues to grow.

Year-round, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle lives in Birch Aquarium’s Hall of Fishes’ Magdalena Bay habitat. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 p.m., visitors can see the animal training and feedings required to help with her ongoing health care. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit or call (858) 534-FISH.

Giving Back to Inspire: Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz Places Nobel Prize in UC San Diego Library

Harry Markowitz’s Nobel Prize Medal.


Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz, an adjunct professor at the Rady School of Management at the University of California San Diego, has placed his Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (Nobel Prize) in the UC San Diego Library. The medal and the accompanying diploma were gifted by Markowitz to the Rady School of Management in 2016 and placed in the Library’s Special Collections & Archives at an intimate ceremony at Geisel Library in early November.

Left to right: Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla; Rady School of Management Dean Robert Sullivan; Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Elizabeth H. Simmons; (center) Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz.

Markowitz was awarded the prize in 1990 by the Swedish Academy for his pioneering work in the theory of financial economics. He was one of the first academics to identify the benefits of adding additional assets to a portfolio and introduced the idea of diversification. His work in understanding risk and how it applies to stock markets was seminal in the development of what became modern portfolio theory.

During the ceremony, Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla talked about UC San Diego’s powerful history in economics and praised the 91-year-old faculty member for his philosophic spirit and his motivation to seek the truth.

“We really appreciate what Harry has done for UC San Diego,” said Khosla. “His greatest gift is teaching us that it’s not about our own expertise. Our own expertise is an outcome of us seeking the truth in a certain field of study. This in itself has and continues to inspire our students to look deeper and not limit their innovation and exploration for truth.”  Read more…

Library Resources for Top Clinical Questions

On average, clinicians raise 1 medical knowledge question for every 2 patients seen (Del Fiol et al., 2014). Of these questions, 34% concern drug treatment, and 24% concern potential causes of a symptom, physical finding, or diagnostic test finding. (See the top 13 questions identified by the study.)

For help with these questions, the Library offers evidence-based clinical decision support resources.

To identify potential causes of a symptom or a diagnostic test finding, try these clinical information resources.

DynaMed Plus logo

Search for a symptom/finding with these strategic keywords:

Up to Date logo

Search for a symptom/finding with these strategic keywords:

Access Medicine logo

A collection of books and quick reference tools.

Select titles and tools:

For drug treatment questions on dose and administration, indication, and adverse reactions

DynaMed Plus


Clinical Pharmacology – a specialized drug database

Less Searching, More Finding: Online Medical Library

Investigating a tricky diagnosis? Need a drug interaction tool on your phone? Seeking evidence-based research articles for your research project? The UC San Diego Library has a suite of databases, mobile apps and online tools ready to help. Find point-of-care evidence, learn power search tips, set up alerts to new publications in your specialty and much more.

Clinical Essentials Library Guide: Essential resources and best practices for health literature.

Highlights include…

Clinical decision support in your pocket–mobile apps

  • Dynamed Plus: “The next gen clinical information resource designed to decrease time to answer.” Includes rich evidence-based content, calculators, evidence grades and thousands of medical graphics and images.


  • UpToDate: Well known evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource. Includes practice-changing updates, calculators, drug/herb interactions (Via Lexicomp) and plain language patient information.


  • Clinical Pharmacology: Comprehensive drug reference to support decision making by providing access to current, accurate and clinically relevant drug information.

Read more…

UC San Diego Library’s ‘Food for Fine$’ Drive Returns for Holidays

The UC San Diego Library is partnering with the Triton Food Pantry again to give back to our campus community this holiday season.

Bring food items to donate to the Front Desk at either Geisel or the Biomedical Library buildings between Sunday, December 2 through Saturday, December 15 (Week 10 & Finals Week) for $2 per item off your library fines from Fall Quarter. All donated items go to the Triton Food Pantry.

Food for Fine$
Sunday, December 2 – Saturday, December 15
Geisel Library & Biomedical Library buildings

• Fines eligible for dismissal include course reserve and recall overdues, billing fees, and processing fees (no replacement charges)
• Fines must be from the current term: Fall Quarter 2018: Weeks 1-9
• Earn credits to a maximum of $40
• Fines already paid may be credited
• Food donations accepted at Geisel & BLB Front Desks
• Small, individually-wrapped items in a larger bundle will count as one item (e.g. fruit cups in 4-pack)

Most Needed Items
• $5 credit for Cereal (18oz) or Oatmeal (8pck)
• Cereal, oatmeal, rice, pasta/sauce
• Canned meats (tuna, chicken, ham)
• Dry or canned beans
• Peanut butter or granola bars
• Canned soup or cooking oils
• Canned fruits or vegetables

Ineligible Items
• Items expiring before 2/1/19
• Open, dented, or damaged packages
• Items in glass containers
• Perishable or homemade items
• Ramen, soda, gum, chips, or candy

For more information about the Food for Fine$ program, contact staff at either the Geisel or BLB Front Desks.

Liyana – an animated documentary

For World Aids Day, Liyana, an award winning animated documentary will be screened at the Price Center Theater Friday, November 30, 2018. Liyana tells the story of 5 children in southern Africa with a message of hope and perseverance. The event will also include a panel on HIV research, a Q&A with the filmmaker, and a Meet & Greet time.

Liyana animated documentary

The event presented by Tritons for Gender Equity and the Center on Gender Equity and Health. After the screening, the film will become part of the Library’s collection for viewing in the classroom or at the Library.  More details on the Facebook Liyana Film Screening Events page.

2018 Fair Trade, Holiday Ideas and Gift Giving Guide

Plant growing in a gift box

This holiday season and throughout the year, the Library Sustainability Committee’s 2018 Gift Giving Guide makes it fun and easy to choose local, sustainable, fair-trade and recycled gifts and more.

Here are suggestions for gifts that support local small businesses and artisans, as well as places to find fair-trade sustainable items from around the globe. Or maybe the perfect gift is something a little less tangible, such as a donation to a favorite charity or an unforgettable experience (or at the very least, a fun one!).

 Researchers have found that for those who already have plenty, experiences bring more happiness than material possessions. And San Diego has so much to offer! Consider a gift card to a favorite restaurant; tickets to the movies, a concert, or the theater; or a membership to one of our local gardens or museums.

This year’s updated 2018 Gift Giving Guide is full of resources and ideas that are great for the local economy, easy on the earth, and delightful to receive.

Enjoy the season!

Tech Lending Program

Forget your phone or laptop charger?  Need a camera for your class project?

Can’t find a video adapter to connect your laptop?


TLP side2TLP side3TLP side4


Stop by the Geisel Library Media Desk in 1st floor west to checkout our collection of cables, chargers, cameras, and other tech tools.

A full list of items is available on our website, or by searching “tech lending” in Roger.

Send questions, suggestions, and comments to

New Popular Science Reading – November 2018

Latest roundup of new books for the Popular Science Collection.

You can find these and the rest of the ~500 books on the main (2nd) floor in the Geisel Library building’s west wing, near the Research Assistance Desk and New Books shelf.

You can also check out what’s on order. If the book has a link to the Library catalog, you can place a request on the book and be the first to read it when it arrives.

Popsci book covers

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