Achieving the Extraordinary at S&E Library

Achieving the Extraordinary: 50 Years of Discovery and Innovation at UCSD

February1 – March 30

The UCSD Science & Engineering Library is pleased to host an exhibit of technologically and economically significant inventions, representing only a fraction of the total innovations produced in UCSD’s extraordinary history. Ranging from medical imaging and testing, to cancer detection and treatment, to environmental engineering, the twelve technologies on display represent successful licensing partnerships with such companies as Nikon, Promega, Senomyx, Schering, Stratagene, and Roche.

The exhibit complements the UCSD Innovation Day Expo and Symposia, held February 22-25, which is also part of the university’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

This exhibit is made possible by the UCSD Technology Transfer Office (TTO), which manages the transfer of university technologies by assessing market demand, managing patent prosecution and licensing intellectual property rights to commercial entities.

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