Our Women Faculty in Science and Engineering

The Science & Engineering Library once again celebrates Women’s History Month by reprising our 2011 display of 21 women faculty in the physical sciences and engineering at UCSD.

The research interests of these women cover a wide and diverse range of endeavors, but they all express a passion for what they do.  Reading their personal statements is testimony to that passion – as scientists and engineers, as teachers, and as mentors to young women and men pursuing careers in science and engineering.

Stop by the Science & Engineering Library to see this inspiring exhibit, on display through March 31.

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Black Women in Science: a meaningful experience

This richly illustrated and informative display features African-American women scientists, from Euphemia Lofton Haynes, the first African-American woman to earn a PhD in Mathematics [1943, Catholic University of America] to current notables including Dr. Riva K Williams [PhD Astrophysics, 1991, Indiana University] and Dr. Aprille Ericsson [PhD Mechanical Engineering in Aerospace, Howard University]. Find out more about what these fascinating women have accomplished ~ the exhibit is in the S&E Library InfoCommons.

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When Really Tiny Things Collide….Big Things Happen!!

The quest for the Higgs boson [a hypothetical elementary particle predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics] engages researchers around the world; experiments to validate its existence are currently underway at CERNs Large Hadron Collider by UC San Diego’s Physics Professor Vivek Sharma, among others. Learn more from the tri-panel display in the S&E Library front entrance area.

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Art of Science Exhibit in S&E

During the Spring Quarter of 2011, the Science & Engineering Library invited UCSD faculty, staff, and students to submit digital images which demonstrated the artistic side of science and engineering. Such images can be beautiful, creative, and evocative, when the traditional artistic elements of color, line, shape, form, and texture are present.

Please stop by the S&E Library to see all the entries, including the winning images:

Student 1st Place Winner, Rick Wagner

Faculty/Staff Category
1st place – ChaOss Begets Order, by Tadel Matevz, Physics
2nd place – Stellar Orbits Dragonfly, by Adam Burgasser, Physics
3rd place – The First 10-42Seconds, by David Rideout, Mathematics

Student Category
1st place – Grids, by Rick Wagner, Physics
2nd place – A Tapestry in Silicon, by Christopher Doran, Electrical and Computer Engineering
3rd place – The View From Above, by Kim Wright, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Honorable Mention – Nanogarden, by Alireza Kargar, ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering

The exhibit will be up at the S&E Library through the summer. The images are also be posted on the S&E Library’s Flickr account.

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The Art of Science Competition: Science Can be Beautiful

As the last of its 50th Anniversary events, the Science & Engineering Library is sponsoring The Art of Science Competition. All UCSD faculty, staff, and students are invited to submit digital images produced in the course of their research. Prizes will be awarded in two categories: Faculty/Staff, and Students. First place ($100), second place ($50), and third place ($25) TritonCash cards will be awarded in each category. Images will be displayed in the S&E Library and on the library’s Flickr account.

Submissions are due by May 6.

Contest rules and submission guidelines: http://ucsd.libguides.com/ArtofScience

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S&E Library celebrates UCSD women faculty in science & engineering

Profiles of 21 women faculty in the physical sciences and engineering are on display in the S&E Library in honor of Women’s History Month. Each woman’s profile includes her basic contact information, research areas, an article or book she considers her best work, and a personal statement about her unique career path. A companion lecture by UCSD Sociology doctoral student, Erin Cech, will take place on April 13. Erin’s research focuses on gender inequality in the sciences and her lecture’s title is, “Where Are All the Women in Science and Engineering?.” Registration is open.

Please stop by S&E to see the profiles on display through April 30, and join us on April 13 for Erin Cech’s lecture and discussion.

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S&E Students Celebrate Einstein’s Birthday and Pi Day

Over 70 students had their photos taken with Albert Einstein today in honor of Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day, which both fall on March 14. Students enjoyed a few moments of fun as they began a stressful finals week. Photos can be seen on the S&E Library’s Flickr page.

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New Robots on Display in S&E

Two new robots from MAE 156A are on display at the Science & Engineering Library. The project this year was inspired by the BP oil spill. For their senior design project, students were challenged to develop robotic means to simulate the capping of multiple oil leaks with top hats. Stop by the East entrance to S&E and see the winning robot, “Ruby”, built by team members Christopher Fung, Mark Jones, Jeffrey Yeh, and Joshua Moua. Also on display is the robot from Team Robo Fortune (Dustin Gaessner, Michael Kaplan, Daniel Martinez, and Dai-Ying Wu). MAE 156A is taught by Dr. Nathan Delson and Dr. Mark Anderson. TA Tsukasa Takahashi designed and organized the display.

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Achieving the Extraordinary at S&E Library

Achieving the Extraordinary: 50 Years of Discovery and Innovation at UCSD

February1 – March 30

The UCSD Science & Engineering Library is pleased to host an exhibit of technologically and economically significant inventions, representing only a fraction of the total innovations produced in UCSD’s extraordinary history. Ranging from medical imaging and testing, to cancer detection and treatment, to environmental engineering, the twelve technologies on display represent successful licensing partnerships with such companies as Nikon, Promega, Senomyx, Schering, Stratagene, and Roche.

The exhibit complements the UCSD Innovation Day Expo and Symposia, held February 22-25, which is also part of the university’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

This exhibit is made possible by the UCSD Technology Transfer Office (TTO), which manages the transfer of university technologies by assessing market demand, managing patent prosecution and licensing intellectual property rights to commercial entities.

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Celebrating UCSD’s Nobel Laureates

Throughout its fifty-year history, UC San Diego has had sixteen Nobel Laureates among its faculty. Their prizes have spanned the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Economic Sciences and Peace. (Yes, Peace.) The Science & Engineering Library is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of UCSD with an exhibit celebrating these sixteen scholars and their outstanding achievements.

We are especially fortunate to have access to the Mandeville Special Collections Library’s archives of personal and professional papers of four UCSD Nobel Laureates: Harold Urey (Chemistry, 1934), Francis Crick (Medicine, 1962), Maria Goeppert Mayer (Physics, 1963), and Hannes Alfven (Physics, 1970). On display are letters from Edward Teller to Maria Mayer, correspondence between Albert Einstein and Harold Urey, Nobel ceremony programs and invitations, photographs, pages from notebooks, congratulatory notes, photographs and other memorabilia. Nov. 15 — Jan. 15

UCSD Nobel Laureates:
Harold Urey, 1934
Linus Pauling, 1954 (and Peace, 1963). Pauling is the only person to have been awarded two unshared prizes.
Paul Crutzen, 1995
Mario Molina, 1995
Roger Tsien 2008

Maria Mayer, 1963
Hannes Alfven, 1970

Physiology or Medicine
Francis Crick, 1962
Robert Holley, 1968
George Palade, 1974
Renato Dulbecco, 1975
Roger Guillemin, 1977
Sydney Brenner, 2002

Economic Sciences
Harry Markowitz, 1990
Robert Engle, 2003
Clive Granger, 2003

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