Celebrating UCSD’s Nobel Laureates

Throughout its fifty-year history, UC San Diego has had sixteen Nobel Laureates among its faculty. Their prizes have spanned the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Economic Sciences and Peace. (Yes, Peace.) The Science & Engineering Library is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of UCSD with an exhibit celebrating these sixteen scholars and their outstanding achievements.

We are especially fortunate to have access to the Mandeville Special Collections Library‚Äôs archives of personal and professional papers of four UCSD Nobel Laureates: Harold Urey (Chemistry, 1934), Francis Crick (Medicine, 1962), Maria Goeppert Mayer (Physics, 1963), and Hannes Alfven (Physics, 1970). On display are letters from Edward Teller to Maria Mayer, correspondence between Albert Einstein and Harold Urey, Nobel ceremony programs and invitations, photographs, pages from notebooks, congratulatory notes, photographs and other memorabilia. Nov. 15 — Jan. 15

UCSD Nobel Laureates:
Harold Urey, 1934
Linus Pauling, 1954 (and Peace, 1963). Pauling is the only person to have been awarded two unshared prizes.
Paul Crutzen, 1995
Mario Molina, 1995
Roger Tsien 2008

Maria Mayer, 1963
Hannes Alfven, 1970

Physiology or Medicine
Francis Crick, 1962
Robert Holley, 1968
George Palade, 1974
Renato Dulbecco, 1975
Roger Guillemin, 1977
Sydney Brenner, 2002

Economic Sciences
Harry Markowitz, 1990
Robert Engle, 2003
Clive Granger, 2003

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