Culture, Art & Technology at S&E

The Science & Engineering Library is pleased to present an exhibit of Sixth College student work entitled, “Redefining Cultural Categories.” The twelve pieces in the exhibit were produced by students in Sixth College’s Culture, Art & Technology program as a reflective exercise using digital imaging to create a multi-layered composition that ‘redefines’ a common cultural category.

Students selected categories including “nature/technology”, “art/science”, “east/west” and merged imagery to provide a visual representation of the complexity of the subjects. In essence, these pieces attempt to translate black and white thinking into shades of grey, offering more reflective consideration. This exhibit was displayed at CafĂ© Roma in the spring of 2005 and was made available to the library by Carol Hobson, Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA).

S&E Library presents a complementary display featuring books from the collection and illustrative imagery on the visualization of information.

Both exhibits will run through August 19.
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Click below to see photos of the exhibit.

CRCA 1 256x192.jpg  &nbsp CRCA 5 256x192.jpg  &nbsp CRCA 2 192x256.jpg  &nbsp CRCA 3 192x256.jpg  &nbsp CRCA 4 192x256.jpg   &nbsp CRCA 6 192x256.jpg

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