Happy 30th, UCSD Pascal

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of UCSD Pascal, the S&E Library is displaying some of the key UCSD Pascal and p-System books from our collection. Some of the books featured are:

– Kenneth Bowles’ Beginner’s guide for the UCSD Pascal System

– Advanced UCSD Pascal programming techniques by Eliakim Willner, Barry Demchak

– Personal computing with the UCSD p-System by Mark Overgaard, Stan Stringfellow

– PASCAL : user manual and report / Kathleen Jensen, Niklaus Wirth [Wirth developed PASCAl in Switzerland in 1969/1970.]

On Friday, October 22nd, UCSD JSOE hosts a symposium with many of the key people involved in UCSD Pascal. Read more about Professor emeritus Ken Bowles and his students’ experiences developing this computer language and operating system in the 1970’s in the UCSD Alumni magazine. The JSOE newsletter Oct-Nov 2004 issue features multimedia clips and reflections by engineering faculty and alumni on the legacy of UCSD Pascal.

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