Science Goes Graphic!

ASME's Heroes of EngineeringAs part of the Geisel Goes Graphic collaborative exhibit, the S&E Library is exhibiting graphic books covering scientific topics, including The Science of Superheroes and The Science of Supervillains by Lois Gresh and Robert Weinberg and several books by Larry Gonick (The Cartoon Guide to Physics, and The Cartoon Guide to Statistics).

Books On Display

A companion exhibit displays information on the graphic science book genre – major themes, authors, and web resources. Read interviews with authors Jim Ottaviani and Jim Kakalios, and see scientific comics on nanotechnology (Meet the Goos), and Heroes in Engineering. Vintage superhero comic books from 1985-1987 are also on view.

Vintage Comics

During the week of October 10, please drop by the S&E Library from noon to 1:00 p.m. and have your photograph taken with Spiderman!
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