Sebastion, the Human-Powered Submarine

Stop by the S&E Library and see Sebastion, a non-propeller, one-person submarine that competed in the Ninth International Submarine Races in June of 2007. The sub was built by UCSD’s Human Powered Submarine Team, part of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers student organization. For the competition, the sub is driven by a pilot lying on his stomach, with his head face-down at the front of the sub. The pilot wears a 3mm wetsuit for mobility, and shoes that clip into the drive train pedals in the rear.

UCSD’s Human Powered Submarine team has participated eleven times in the biennial International Submarine Races, held in Bethesda, Maryland. The team’s entry, Odin’s Rage, finished second in the 2009 competition, and their entries in both 2004 and 2000 broke standing world records for speed in their categories.

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