Switchblade and IceCube

Switchblade (left) and IceCube (right)

Two new robots have joined the S&E Library’s expanding display of student-built engineering projects. Switchblade and IceCube were designed and built at Dr. Tom Bewley’s UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab. Patents are pending on both robots, which are capable of propelling themselves over rough or dangerous terrain and can be equipped with sensors or other payloads. A robot similar to Switchblade was featured in the Oscar-winning war film, Hurt Locker, but other non-combat applications include search & rescue, surveillance, chemical/radiation/biological sensing, planetary exploration.

For more information on these small wonders, watch a YouTube demonstration of Switchblade in action, read a Union-Tribune piece about a test of its ability to detect particles in smoke plumes, and see the description of IceCube’s technology transfer licensing offer.

See photos of Tom Bewley and designers Andrew Cavender (IceCube) and Nick Morozovsky (Switchblade) here.

The robots will be on display in S&E indefinitely.

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