On Exhibit in S&E

Stop by the S&E Library and take a look at these new and continuing exhibits–

Balsa Wood Tower
A team of six undergraduates in Structural Engineering won first place in the Fifth Annual Seismic Design Competition, held in New Orleans in February. The winning structure, a balsa wood tower, was constructed to withstand simulations of three significant 20th-century earthquakes. More information. The tower is on permanent display at the entrance to the S&E Library, along with the team’s poster. Congratulations to team captain Ruben Soto and his fellow team members: Palak Shah, Carolina Margarito, Jennifer Heredia, Michelle Yokota and Jorge Ortiz.
Winning Structure in Seismic Design Competition

MAE 156A Robot
The winning robot in Dr. Nate Delson’s Fall 2007 MAE 156A class is also featured in S&E. Built by team members Anson Brune, Chau Nguyen, Geoff Rosenberg, and Bryan Urquhart, the robot senses the heights of a row of blocks and plots them on a grid. Sounds simple, but take a look! Through Spring Quarter.
MAE 156A Robot

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
Your carbon footprint is a measurement of the relative impact of your individual actions on global climate change. The average American’s carbon footprint is the equivalent of 27 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Compare that to the worldwide average of 5.5 per person. Come to the Science & Engineering Library as we celebrate Earth Week and see which lifestyle factors influence your carbon footprint. Our Earth Week display also includes information about Green Engineering, (a web-based carbon footprint calculator), and a listing of Earth Week events at UCSD. A selection of S&E books on climate change is also on display. Through May 2.

Mathematics Awareness Month
April is Math Awareness Month and this year’s theme is “Mathematics and Voting.” Learn about the role math plays in voting methods, and how the outcome of elections can vary drastically depending upon which method is used. How will your vote be counted this November? More info.. Also on display is a series of 13 “Mathematical Moments” – how math affects our everyday lives and the technology around us, e.g. solving Sudoku, eliminating spam, searching the web, predicting storm surge, and more. Math majors will also be interested in an accompanying display on careers in mathematics. Through May 2.

Engineering Expo Posters
Graduate student posters from the Jacobs School of Engineering Expo are on display, including the two winners of the “Best Use of the Literature” awards. Through Spring Quarter.

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