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Some recent suggestions/comments from the library suggestion box:

Ask the custodian to take some lubricants to the hinges on bathroom doors on 5. Squeak, squeak!

Thanks for letting us know.  We’ll oil up the hinges.

Please have a special login & password for the guests that can be acquired from the main helpdesk.  (instead of bothering the person on the helpdesk to come login) thanks!

Thank you for the suggestion.  The Libraries have several types of computing facilities available, and we strive to provide convenient and secure access to not only our core student, staff, and faculty population, but also to guests.  Student, staff, and faculty have unique logins that allow them access to specialized storage and other features, but due to security concerns we are not allowed to distribute anonymous login and passwords in the same manner to visitors.  The Libraries do provide over 50 login-free InfoStation computers (the largest cluster is located in the Geisel Library lobby area).  These are open for anyone to use and allow full access to both the Internet and printing.

It’s nice to see that people in the SSHL Library are so helpful & friendly.  I’d especially like to mention Rebecca who is a gem of a person. She’s always smiling & helpful.  I wish her all the very best & this goes out as a special thanks to her for all her help. Thanks!

Thanks for the compliment!  Rebecca is pretty awesome.  In addition to being a government documents & urban studies librarian, she is also an avid archer!

Does anybody dust around here?  While browsing at the “New Books” shelves across from the Reference desk in SSH, I went to put my books on the top of the bookcase (which is below eye level.) Disgusting! Has it ever been cleaned?

Clearly the answer is not very often!  Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Why is there a library policy that allows students to sleep at a computer, esp when all the others are occupied?? Change the policy so the computers are available.

I don’t believe that we have a library policy that “allows students to sleep at a computer”.  But students do take cat naps all over the Libraries.  If you feel like it, you could try waking any student you see slumped at a computer to see if they might be willing to let you use it until they are fully awake again.

Everytime I enter, it’s hot. AC would be nice. Thanks.

Usually people say the building is too cold!  The truth is we try to keep the building temperature at 70 degrees since heat is especially damaging to books and other library materials. Also it is the temperature at which mold is less likely to be a problem. In fact there have been outbreaks of mold in both the SIO Library and the former Undergraduate Library (now CLICS) that cost thousands of dollars to clean and left parts of the collections inaccessible. Experience has taught us that studying near a window tends to be warmer, so maybe avoid those areas.  If you notice a particular zone of the Library that is either extremely cold or hot, please report it to a Circulation Supervisor so they can let Library Facilities know and some adjustments may be made.

Study rooms need a sign on the wall:  “Not sound proofed. Keep Conversation quiet please.” (Otherwise 4-8 are not quiet areas)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We did make and install signs to this effect last summer, but it sounds like they have disappeared.  They have already been replaced.


We continue to investigate the idea of vending machines.  As for hand sanitizer dispensers – this campus is a germ-filled environment.  We did investigate this a while ago and found that the cost for them isn’t cheap.  We tried to get funding from the campus (Environmental Health & Safety), but they were unwilling to allocate funds.  Additionally, the stand-up dispensers require staff to regularly replace the “goo” sacks and to clean the nozzles.  We don’t have extra staffing to do this.  So, what we are able to offer is bottles of hand sanitizer at various service desks.  Please use often.

Please Bring Back Roger Request

It was very nice we we used to be able to order books to hold at front desk.  Now I don’t have time to get the book I very much need.  This was a value service.

Bring back students to pull books for staff and academics! My time is worth a lot more!


Sorry, but we cannot bring back this service.  Over the last two years, the Libraries budget has been reduced by approximately 15%.  As a result, we have had no choice but to make reductions in services and resources throughout the Libraries. These include reducing library hours, reducing what we spend to build library collections, closing or reducing staffing at service desks, and eliminating Roger Catalog Request.  And with additional budget cuts expected next year, it is certain that additional cuts in services and resources will have to be made.

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