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This page lists information about using MEDLINE via PubMed for UCSD users.In addition to the tools listed below, we also offer Classes and individual or group Consultations on using PubMed. 

PubMed: the customized "UC" link
Use our link instead of the generic address - two UC-specific functions are available via this link to PubMed:
Picture of UC Elinks icon - not clickable UC E-Links icons: show up in the "Abstract" display next to each article. These link to several things, depending on what we have for that journal, including full text if the UC libraries subscribe to the online version, the Roger catalog to see if we have it in print, document requesting, and a form to ask for help.
More about UC E-Links
Picture of PubMed order button - not clickable PubMed's Order button sends your inter-library loan requests for items we don't own back to the UC libraries via CDL Request rather than to Loansome Doc (the National Library of Medicine's own document delivery service). You can use this to mark and request multiple items, or use the "Request" link from within the UC E-Links window if it turns out we don't have an individual article you need.
UCSD Research in PubMed
Try this handy tool written by UCSD medical student Gautam Bahl to search PubMed for UCSD-authored papers. Useful for finding collaborators, mentors, advisors, or experts.  

UCSD User Guides, Tips, etc.

PubMed User's Guide (PDF)
Our own brief User's Guide. Covers basic searching as well as UCSD features.
Obtaining Articles from Your PubMed Search (PDF)
Learn to determine whether UCSD owns particular journals, and how to order articles from journals not owned at UCSD via CDL Request.
Quick Tip: We have a number of journals online that PubMed and UC E-Links can't link to directly. UC E-Links lets you search Roger to see if we own a journal, but some users find it easier to open a second window with either our local ROGER catalog or our E-Journals page. This makes it easy to flip back and forth to check on all of our holdings. ROGER accepts official MEDLINE abbreviations for journal titles, so you can just copy and paste the journal names from PubMed into the Title search in ROGER. These links will open either our E-Journals pages or a ROGER Journal Title search in a second window:
> Biomedical E-Journals A-Z
> Roger - Journals, Title search screen
Search Field Abbreviations (PDF)
For advanced searchers, this lists the abbreviations and codes for searching by particular fields and for using the MeSH subheadings while searching.
EndNote and PubMed (PDF)
Describes how to save items from PubMed for use with the popular EndNote program, used for managing large bibliographies and assisting with manuscript writing. More information about using EndNote with library databases can be found here: here.
MyNCBI: Current Awareness, Personalization (PDF)
Through PubMed's MyNCBI service, you can now set up automatic e-mail alerts on Pubmed searches. Things to note:
- the default number of new items to mail is very low: 5. You may wish to change this.
- if you select HTML delivery AND if you also started your search using the UC link to PubMed, you will get UC E-Links buttons embedded in your e-mail - this can be very handy for linking to the full text.
- if you intend to import these items into EndNote or other bibliographic management program, select the MEDLINE display format when you are setting up your alert.
- you cannot EDIT saved searches, but you can re-run a saved search, change it, and re-save it, and then delete the original one.
- if you already use RSS reader to keep up with news sites, you can save a PubMed search as an RSS feed without signing up for MyNCBI.

PubCrawler and BioMail are two free "third-party" services that let you store a PubMed search and get e-mail updates of new items:

Tip: the most recent citations in PubMed have not been analyzed for subject, age group, etc., so for the VERY most recent articles, base your current awareness search on title/text words, authors, and/or journal name only, and avoid limits like age group, human/animal, language, or publication type.

PubMed For Techies and PDA Users

Firefox Search Plugin - NEW!
This will install UCSD's link to PubMed in the search engines pulldown menu in the Firefox web browser, for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X platforms
PubMed Handheld
Use this if you have a live wireless connection and a Web browser. Non-graphical interface for PubMed designed for handhelds. Now includes a PICO-based search.  
PubMed Text Search
This is just a plain text version of PubMed. It may work in most PDA Web browsers, but isn't specially formatted for PDA.  
PubMed OnTap
This is a separate application for searching PubMed, with versions for PalmOS and PocketPC. You can use it with live wireless Internet connection or offline to store a query and then run it when you sync. Good for older Palms without a Web browser.  
This is an alternative interface to PubMed that lets you save searches as RSS alerts, offers a Firefox search plugin for PubMed, and other nifty things. Unfortunately, there is no way to configure it to include our UC E-Links buttons to get to UCSD's e-journals or article ordering directly.  

Materials from the National Library of Medicine
These materials cover PubMed searching in detail, but do not cover any of the UC/UCSD-specific features.

PubMed Tutorial
Tutorial provided by the National Library of Medicine, creators of PubMed.
PubMed User Manuals from NLM
This page has the full manuals and workbooks used by National Library of Medicine staffin their full-day PubMed classes. They are very long and detailed, available in Word and PDF formats.

Last updated: 8/25/06

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