Digital Audio Reserves FAQs & Tips

Download Adobe Flash for:

Which browsers will work best with Digital Audio Reserves?

FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari can all be used.

I'm having trouble getting the buttons on the Flash player to appear.

This is likely a browser issue. We recommend trying a different browser to resolve this.

I can't get a sound file to play. All the others work, but this one doesn't.

This is also likely a browser issue, we suggest: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera. You can also contact Course Reserves at Sometimes a link is bad and we can fix it.

Which version of Adobe Flash do I need to listen to reserves?

The latest version is recommended. This download is free from Adobe.

What do I need to do to listen from on campus (wireless)?

UCSD students and faculty need to log onto the UCSD-Protected wireless.

What do I need to do to listen from off campus?

UCSD students and faculty need to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and configure either the VPN Any Connect (client) or the VPN Easy Connect (web-based) to access the content.

Where do I find digital audio reserve course material?

Log into Course Reserves. Your digital audio reserves will be listed with all of your other course reserve materials.

As the TA for a course, I can't get the Digital Audio Reserve Request Form to work. What's wrong?

Be sure you read about copyright and check the box before submitting.

Any other questions? Contact Course Reserves at