Access to Collections Locally and Worldwide

UC San Diego Library collection is available through our online catalog, Roger, named after Roger Revelle (1909-1991), an oceanographer and proponent for the founding of the university.

The San Diego Circuit is a consortium of local libraries including UC San Diego; California State University, San Marcos; San Diego State University; the University of San Diego; the San Diego County Library; and the San Diego Public Library. All UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students may take advantage of the Circuit to obtain resources we do not own.

As part of the wider UC System, we have access to the rich historic collections of print books and journals located at other UC campuses and two off-site high-density storage facilities, the Northern Regional Library Facility and the Southern Regional Library Facility. These UC-wide collections appear in the Melvyl database, a union catalog of all materials owned by the University of California Libraries.

Melvyl is a subset of a much larger database, OCLC WorldCat, which contains over 2 billion records in over 470 languages from over 170 countries. Many of these resources are available to UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students via Interlibrary Loan document delivery services.

UC San Diego is also a member of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). CRL is an international consortium of universities, colleges, and independent research libraries. Their mission is to cooperatively support research in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. CRL supports area studies research through a Global Resources Network, as well as various area studies programs, and has rich collections of newspapers, international documents, foreign dissertations, microform, and other international resources. Resources owned by CRL are available to UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students via Interlibrary Loan delivery services.

UC San Diego is also participating with the Google Books Library Project to digitize several million books from the world’s top universities and libraries. The UC San Diego Library has contributed thousands of volumes from the East Asian language collections and from the International Relations & Pacific Studies collection, in such diverse subject areas as history, literature, public policy, and economics. Google and Hathitrust allow anyone to search the full text of books from libraries and publishing partners. For books in the public domain, readers are able to view, browse, and read the full texts online. For books protected by copyright, users can access basic background (such as the book's title and the author's name), a few lines of text related to their search, and information about where they can borrow or buy a copy of the book.

In the area of Digital Preservation, the UC Library System is collaborating with a consortium of educational and governmental agencies, including the Library of Congress, to develop a means to capture and preserve the Web at Risk. U.S. Government agency websites and political campaign and elections websites are at risk of disappearing after the elections or a potential party change. The information contained in these sites is of vital interest to current and future generations of scholars and researchers of our nation’s cultural political heritage.