Budget and Planning

The UC San Diego Library's Collections budget funds the purchase and subscription of resources in all formats. Increasingly, a larger percentage of our budget is devoted to continuing subscription of electronic resources. As of 2009/10, 65% of our collection funds were spent on electronic resources which include databases, ebooks, and large packages of electronic journals and other resources. We expect this trend to continue, but we also expect prices for these resources to continue to increase at a higher rate than our budget allocations.
Given the very grim reality of a cut to our state budget allocation, we are working on a number of strategies to support collections strategically:

    • We will be looking as holistically as we can at usage and costs per use, cutting the electronic resources that are the highest cost per use. Consortial purchase agreements enable us to negotiate lower prices for electronic resources systemwide. But given the overall decline in UC collection funds, the 'big deal' packages that the California Digital Library (CDL) has negotiated and licensed on behalf of the entire University of California System are becoming increasingly unsustainable. We will need to cut the costs of these packages to better align with the resources we have available.
    • We are cutting any and all unnecessary duplication, between paper and electronic, between the UC San Diego Library, and among the UC libraries.
    • We will be focusing on maintaining our UC San Diego collections of distinction. The SIO collection remains a collection of distinction, and that includes the archives. It also includes the Mandeville special collections, the Melanesian collection, Pacific Rim studies, scores, film and media, political posters, and specialized areas in the humanities, performing arts, and sciences that complement academic strengths on campus.
    • We will be partnering with other UC Libraries to maintain systemwide collections of depth in areas where UC San Diego does not particularly focus.
    • We will continue to participate in campus and UC wide discussions of the Scholarly Communications model and working to rethink campus reliance on the current, unsustainable model which requires the Library to purchase from publishers the product of UC-faculty research, often at exorbitant prices.
    • We will continue to seek enhanced endowment support for collections and growing our endowments, to further develop our distinct collections.