Geisel Collections Consolidation Update (June 1, 2012)

Over the last few months, we have been actively soliciting feedback from faculty and students to ensure that the decisions we make about locating and integrating our collections are fully informed by academic needs and preferences. We have received a great deal of feedback and very much appreciate the comments many of you have shared. As result, we have made some decisions that we wanted to share.
  • East Asia Collection. We have received substantial feedback about whether or not we should integrate our East Asia Collection with others in Geisel.  The opinions shared by many faculty reflect that there is a strong preference for the collection to remain intact. Consequently, the East Asia Collection will remain on the 4th floor of Geisel Library as a separate collection.
  • Scripps Library. After the Scripps Library consolidation begins in July, library users may request materials from the circulating Scripps collections for one-day paged delivery. Scripps ocean charts, maps, special collections, and the Scripps Archives will move to the 3rd floor of the Eckart Building (on the Scripps campus) where they can be accessed via appointment during the week. Next spring, after compact shelving has been mounted in Geisel Library to accommodate the Scripps Library collections, the Scripps Oceanographic and Physical Sciences materials will be consolidated into the Geisel Library collections, which reflects the wishes of the Scripps community.
  • Other Science collections. While we had proposed the possibility of moving some of our science collections, we have decided that what makes the most sense at this juncture and for the next year, at least, is to keep the Engineering and Physical Sciences collections in the Geisel Library building. The Biomedical Library building will continue to house the high-use collections that support the Division of Biological Sciences, School of Medicine, and the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. This will give us time to construct, deploy, and gain experience with the new compact shelving in Geisel.

While more decisions relating to the disposition of our collections will need to be made over the next few years, this will be a phased and gradual process, based on the experience we gain from how the consolidated collections are used once the compact shelving installation is complete. We will continue to vet our plans with members of the campus community as these develop.  We expect the process of defining just what should be kept on campus to be one that will need continual refinement and adjustments based on experience and feedback. Nevertheless, our guiding principle will be to keep those materials that are actively used and needed to support research and teaching easily accessible on campus.  Those print materials that are also available electronically will largely be moved to offsite storage, either to UC San Diego’s Library Annex or to one of the UC Regional Library Facilities.

Again, we greatly value your feedback as we move forward with our consolidation efforts. We will continue to provide updates and ask for your input as we progress, and very much appreciate your support and patience.

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Martha Hruska

Associate University Librarian for Collection Services 

Q&A March 15, 2012