Geisel Collections Consolidation Update (Spring 2013)

As we near the end of the 2012-13 academic year, the Library is embarking on its third year of significant efforts to consolidate our physical collections. During this time, we have continued to communicate our consolidation proposals through the Library website and, as a result, have received numerous faculty comments and suggestions. This feedback has been instrumental in helping us to determine where best to locate materials and how best to organize collections to support faculty and student research and teaching. In response to feedback this year, we have integrated the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean materials formerly in the International Relations and Pacific Studies Library with our East Asian language collection and we have decided to keep the materials currently in the Science and Engineering Library in the Geisel building.

Your continued feedback will also help us to meet long-term goals for library user space, including the addition of new and enhanced study and computing spaces. While consolidating our physical materials has been necessary to accommodate our smaller footprint on campus, an additional major objective of these efforts has been to meet the needs of students and other library users for more dynamic and flexible study, community, and well-equipped spaces. We have taken significant steps toward this goal with the introduction of a 24/5 study commons in Geisel Library last year and the addition of new high-tech study spaces—both individual and group—in Geisel. In addition, 126 workstations were added in fall quarter, and we have added more than 260 new study seats.

Installation of Compact Shelving in Geisel

The Library is nearing completion on the installation of compact shelving on the first floor of the East Wing of the Geisel Library (the space which has been known as the Science & Engineering Library). In a move which began this spring and will continue through the summer, the Library plans to consolidate into this shelving a continuous run of the current bound journal volumes from the Geisel and SIO collections. The journals currently housed in the Biomedical and Arts Libraries will remain there at present. Phase one of the compact shelving will continue to house monographs in the Q-Z call number ranges, including the Scripps materials. As we’ve communicated previously, we will be proposing that journal volumes older than 1990 continue to be stored and shelved in the offsite Library Annex, where they can be paged and/or articles from them can be scanned as requested. Since some faculty expressed concern about access to those pre-1990 volumes that have a high usage rate, we are planning to keep on site-- on an exceptional basis--those pre-1990 titles that demonstrate a high rate of usage. We have also been actively acquiring more digital backfiles for many of our journals in all disciplines. By the end of the summer, we will be sharing a list of these substantial acquisitions.

We believe that these strategies will provide Library users with better access to journals that were formerly dispersed in various locations within Geisel and across the campus at IR/PS and Scripps Libraries. We are hopeful that this next phase of our collections consolidation and expanded digital access projects will improve collection services to our patrons. While some physical journal volumes may not be immediately available when they are in the process of being moved, we hope the expanded digital access and accurate catalog indicating the status of materials being moved, will provide you with effective access to anything you need.

Transfer of Scripps Materials to Geisel Library

In July 2012, following the closure of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library, we initiated efforts to consolidate the Scripps print collections into the Geisel Library. That major endeavor, which has involved the moving of approximately 150,000 books as of April, 2013, is expected to be completed by Fall of 2013. Until that effort is completed, Scripps materials can continue to be paged from Geisel Library and delivered to the Scripps campus. As communicated previously, the Scripps Archives and Library Annex, located on the 3rd floor of the Eckart building on the Scripps campus, will continue to provide access to Scripps special collections and archives during the week, by appointment. To make arrangements, please direct queries and questions to the Special Collections and Archives Program, (858) 534-2533.

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