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Aerospace Engineering
David Schmitt S&E
Anthropology Kathy Creely SSHL
Archaeology Kathy Creely SSHL
Architecture Leslie Abrams ARTS
Archive of New Poetry Rob Melton MSCL
Art Vickie O'Riordan
Steve Ilott
Artist Books Lynda Claassen MSCL
Astronomy Mary Linn Bergstrom S&E
Atmospheric Sciences Amy Butros SIO
Teri Vogel S&E
Bioinformatics Sue McGuiness BML
Biomedical Engineering Mary Linn Bergstrom S&E
Biology Dominique Turnbow BML
Business Adele Barsh SSHL
Lynda Claassen MSCL
California Government Information Annelise Sklar SSHL
Cancer Karen Heskett BML
Chemical Engineering Teri Vogel S&E
Chemistry Teri Vogel S&E
Chinese Studies Victoria Chu IR/PS
Classical Studies Sam Dunlap SSHL
Climate & Climatology Amy Butros SIO
Clinical Medicine Craig Haynes
Pat Sarchet
Cognitive Science Alice Perez SSHL
Communication Elliot Kanter SSHL
Comparative Literature Rob Melton SSHL
Computer Science Deborah Kegel S&E
Consumer Health Mary Wickline MCL
Culinary History Lynda Claassen MSCL
Rob Melton SSHL
Data Services Berenica Vejvoda SSHL
East Asian Studies
Jim Cheng IR/PS
Economics Adele Barsh SSHL
Education Alice Perez SSHL
Electrical Engineering Deborah Kegel S&E
English Language Literature Rob Melton SSHL
Environmental Health & Safety Sue McGuiness BML
Environmental Studies Annelise Sklar SSHL
Ethnic Studies Alanna Aiko Moore SSHL
European Studies Sam Dunlap SSHL
European Union Sam Dunlap SSHL
Evidence Based Practice Pat Sarchet MCL
Film Studies
Lia Friedman
Stephen O'Riordan
French Language & Literature Sam Dunlap SSHL
Gender & Women's Studies
Alanna Aiko Moore SSHL
Geochemistry and Marine Chemistry Amy Butros SIO
Geography Mike Smith SSHL
Geology and Seismology Amy Butros SIO
Geophysics Amy Butros SIO
Geriatrics Nancy Stimson BML
German Language & Literature Sam Dunlap SSHL
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Tracey Hughes SSHL
Health Disparities & Ethnic Medicine
Pat Sarchet MCL
Health Planning & Administration Craig Haynes MCL
History of Science Sam Dunlap SSHL
Human Development Marlo Young SSHL
International Business
Harold Colson IR/PS
International Government Information Annelise Sklar SSHL
Italian Language & Literature Sam Dunlap SSHL
Japanese Studies
Sanae Isozumi IR/PS
Judaic Studies Elliot Kanter SSHL
Latin American History
Karen Lindvall-Larson SSHL
Latin American Studies Harold Colson
Karen Lindvall-Larson
Law Annelise Sklar SSHL
Linguistics & Languages Rob Melton SSHL
Making of the Modern World
Duffy Tweedy CLICS
Manuscripts Lynda Claassen MSCL
Maps Mike Smith SSHL
Maps: Bathymetric & Hydrographic Charts, and Navigation Aids Amy Butros SIO
Marine Biology Amy Butros SIO
Marine Ecology Amy Butros SIO
Mathematics & Statistics Deborah Kegel S&E
Materials Science Teri Vogel S&E
Mechanical Engineering David Schmitt S&E
Medicine Karen Heskett BML
Meteorology Amy Butros SIO
Music Ken Calkins
Peter Mueller
Teri Vogel S&E
Neurosciences Nancy Stimson BML
Nursing & Allied Health Mary Wickline MCL
Amy Butros SIO
Ophthalmology Penny Coppernoll-Blach BML
Nancy Stimson BML
Pharmacy & Pharmacology Sue McGuiness BML
Philosophy Sam Dunlap SSHL
Photography Vickie O'Riordan
Steve Ilott
Physics Mary Linn Bergstrom S&E
Physiology Nancy Stimson BML
Political Science Annelise Sklar SSHL
Psychiatry Nancy Stimson BML
Psychology Alice Perez SSHL
Rare Books
Lynda Claassen MSCL
Religion Kathy Creely SSHL
Russian Language & Literature Sam Dunlap SSHL
San Diego Government Information
Annelise Sklar SSHL
Science Education Susan Shepherd S&E
Sociology Alanna Aiko Moore SSHL
Southeast Asian Studies Harold Colson IR/PS
Spanish & Portuguese Language & Literature Karen Lindvall-Larson SSHL
Special Collections Lynda Claassen MSCL
Structural Engineering David Schmitt S&E
Rob Melton SSHL
United States Government Information
Rebecca Hyde SSHL
United States History Elliot Kanter SSHL
UCSD Archives Steve Coy MSCL
Urban Studies & Planning Rebecca Hyde SSHL
Veterinary Medicine
Nancy Stimson BML
Visual Resources Vickie O'Riordan ARTS
Amy Butros SIO

Library Abbreviations:

Arts Library
Biomedical Library/Medical Center Library
Center for Library & Instructional Computing Services
International Relations & Pacific Studies Library
Mandeville Special Collections Library
Science & Engineering Library
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library
Social Sciences & Humanities Library

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