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American Song contains over 58,000 tracks by and about Americans, including jazz, bluegrass, blues, vintage jazz, country, American Indian, ragtime, blues, gospel, shape note singing, doo-wop, and soul.

Classical Music Library contains over 52,000 audio tracks of classical music from the Medieval to the contemporary, with chamber music, symphonies, choral music, solo vocal and instrumental, and other forms.

Contemporary World Music is a growing database for newer kinds of world music such as fusion, Afro-Cuban, reggae, and world beat.  The current release provides 1,868 albums, or a total of over 25,000 tracks.

Jazz Music Library is the largest streaming audio database for jazz, growing regularly. Over 131,000 tracks from a wide variety of genres and labels. Newly added artists include Django Rheinhardt, Mary Lou Williams, Chucho Valdés, and Rossana Casale. 

Smithsonian Global Sound contains more than 35,000 tracks of world traditional or folk music, ranging from remote cultures worldwide to famous folk musicians, as well as spoken word recordings such as political speeches.

Visit the Jazz Music Library, our newest Alexander Street Music Audio collection.