The Rady School of Management Business and Finance Collection

As one of the newest professional schools on campus, the Rady School of Management offers both graduate and undergraduate business curriculum that educates global leaders for innovation-driven organizations. The school has a special interest in the life sciences and technology sectors, which are revolutionizing business and the world. Faculty and business leaders work side-by-side with students to develop products and services that will make a distinct impact on how business is being conducted here and around the world.


The success of our students depends on their ability to access basic research materials, as well as complex financial and market research databases about national and international companies. Because this is an emerging program on campus, we are building the materials that students need to put together competitive business plans, product placement strategies, or financial projections that express the level of excellence this program demands.

Your gift in support of materials related to business and finance will make a critical difference in training entrepreneurial business leaders of the future.

Special Initiatives