Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the University Librarian’s Advisory Board is to assist the University Librarian in the attainment of the UC San Diego Library's goals and objectives.

The mission of the UC San Diego Library is to provide the faculty, students, and staff of UCSD access to a broad spectrum of information resources in support of their research and instructional needs, and to promote intellectual exploration and learning.

Members of the University Librarian’s Advisory Board are committed to the mission and service objectives of the UC San Diego Library and to helping the Library achieve them.  The expectations of Board Members include:

  1. Serving as an Ambassador, an Advisor, and an Advocate for the UCSD Library. Providing Assistance to the UCSD Library in gaining Access to the community and its Affluence.
  2. Actively assisting the University Librarian to foster and promote community support for the UCSD Library, encouraging charitable donations for support of collections and services, assisting in other programs that benefit the UCSD Library, and advising the University Librarian on issues that affect both the community and the UCSD Library.
  3. Making an annual gift at one’s potential to the UCSD Library
  4. Attending as many scheduled Board meetings as your schedule permits and being available for phone consultation.
  5. Serving on at least one Board committee.

In their turn, Advisory Board members can expect the following of the UC San Diego Library:

  1. Status reports and information about our work, service, and progress.
  2. Discussions of programs and policies, goals and objectives.
  3. Assistance in carrying out Board responsibilities.
  4. Substantive, interactive, and productive Board meetings. An agenda will be provided prior to each meeting.
  5. Complimentary borrowing and use privileges at all UCSD Library.
  6. Access to the intellectual enrichment of UCSD’s lectures, exhibits, and presentations.
  7. A rewarding and fulfilling volunteer experience.

Terms are for three years, renewable once based on the academic year. After two terms, members may be asked to serve again following at least a one-year hiatus.

University Librarian's Advisory Board