Dr. Clay Perry to attend computer program in India

December 9, 1964

Dr. Clay L. Perry, Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Computer Center at the University of California, San Diego, is one of 12 computer authorities from throughout the world scheduled to take part in an informational program on computers for the directors of 26 computer centers being developed in India.

Dr. Perry will travel to Kanpur, India, where the five-day program will take place December 14 through 18. He will remain in Kanpur to attend the ninth International Congress of Applied Mechanics which will be held at the Indian Institute of Technology. During the Congress he will participate in a symposium on "High Speed Computation Methods and Machines" is scheduled for the first day of IPA meetings.

The 26 new computer centers are part of a nation-wide plan to help in the development of India and her resources.

Six of the 12 authorities who will take part in the informational program are from the United States. Besides Dr. Perry they include Dr. Forman Acton, Princeton University; Dr. L. F. Carter, System Development Corporation of Santa Monica; Dr. B. Gilchrist, Service Bureau Corporation, New York; and Dr. H. D. Huskey, organizer of the program, and Dr. David Evans, both of the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Perry has been invited to serve as chairman for one session of the informational program on Wednesday, December 16. In addition he will present four lectures during the meeting. He will talk on: "How to Organize a Computing Laboratory in a University," "How to Organize a Computer Center Economically," "Priority Schemes for Computer Access," and "What Can a Computer Center Expect from a USERS Group."

The UCSD Computer Center, directed by Dr. Perry, was dedicated in April, 1961, after substantial grants were provided by the Atomic Energy Commission, and the makers of the equipment, the Control Data Corporation. The original center was located at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Since that time the center has more than tripled in size and has moved to Building B of the new Torrey Pines Mesa campus.

Dr. Perry is co-author of "Programming and Coding for Automatic Digital Computers," with George W. Evans, II, manager of the Mathematical Sciences Department at Stanford Research Institute.