"Remembering War" simulcast between US and USSR

April 29, 1985


An historic, live satellite simulcast between Soviet and American World War II veterans in San Diego and Moscow will take place Tuesday, May 7, at KPBS-TV studios to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of VE Day.

The simulcast, which begins at 10 a.m. (PDT), will link a studio audience in San Diego with an audience at Gosteleradio Studios in Moscow.

The event is produced by the Department of Communication at the University of California, San Diego, and the Roosevelt Center for American Policy Studies, Washington, D.C., in cooperation with KPBS-TV, located at San Diego State University.

The simulcast, "Remembering War," provides a rare opportunity for allied veterans of both nations to recall and reflect upon their wartime experiences and assess the war's impact on their societies. "Remembering War" will use documentary and feature films, photography, music and drama from the war and postwar era to stimulate discussion among the space bridge participants.

The simulcast will be moderated in the U.S. by Frederick Starr, president of Oberlin College, and in the Soviet Union by well-known journalist and Radio Moscow commentator Vladimir Pozner, frequently seen on ABC-TV's "Nightline."

Audiences at each site will include World War II veterans, civilian officials, historians, war correspondents, workers on the home front, and history teachers and their students. Current media technology will allow the "space bridge" participants, located in different parts of the world, to experience the presentations simultaneously.

The aim of the project is to produce a series of simulcasts on aspects of Soviet and American history, culture and contemporary life that are of interest to citizens of both countries.

A Washington, D.C. downlink of the simulcast will be presented at the United States Chamber of Commerce, 1615 H. St., N.W.

Several universities which are part of the National University Teleconferencing Network (NUTN) have also agreed to serve as downlink sites. These sites include: Oklahoma State University, the University of Georgia, Virginia Commonwealth University, California State University at Chico, Purdue University, and Kansas State University. Other universities may also be able to take the simulcast off the NUTN system.

In addition to the universities, three public school systems, San Diego, San Francisco, and Miami-Dade, will also be downlink sites.

"Remembering War" evolved from a July 1983, U.S.-Soviet space bridge produced by the UCSD Department of Communication. The one-hour simulcast, "Moscow Calling San Diego: Children and Film," featured children and producers of children's film from both countries. An edited version of the program was later shown on the Public Broadcasting Service in the U.S. and was widely shown throughout the Soviet Union.

(April 29, 1985) For more information contact: Paul Lowenberg, 452-3120