Four UCSD faculty members honored for excellence by Chancellor's Associates

April 8, 1992

Media Contact: Pat JaCoby, University Communications, 534-7404


Four University of California, San Diego faculty members have received awards of excellence from the Chancellor's Associates, an organization of community leaders dedicated to support of UCSD and its programs.

The awards were presented by Chancellor Richard C. Atkinson and Dixie Unruh, Chancellor's Associates president, during an April 7 meeting at University House. Cited were:

. Dr. Charles W. Nager, for excellence in teaching. His award noted that "Professor Nager has consistently been acknowledged as one of the truly talented and dedicated instructors within the Department of Reproductive Medicine. As the associate director of the residency program in obstetrics and gynecology, his demeanor is one of warmth and humility, demonstrating great compassion to patients and functioning as an ideal role model for young physicians."

. Dr. Russell F. Doolittle, for excellence in research. He was recognized for his innovative research in the comparison of DNA between species, and the identification of the function of proteins. As a result, he discovered that the growth of oncogene products from cancer-causing genes are closely related to normal growth factors. "This discovery, and many more triggered by it, revolutionized our thinking about the origin and progression of cancer," his citation noted.

. Dr. Roger Reynolds, for excellence in the arts. "Professor Reynolds is an eloquent, articulate and effective spokesman for contemporary music," the award noted. "As an internationally renown composer, he has been the recipient of an award, grant or commission every year since 1961, culminating in 1989 when he was honored with the Pulitzer Prize for music for his composition, Whispers Out of Time. As far back as 1970, when he founded the Center for Music Experiment and Related Research at UCSD, Dr. Reynolds has been in the forefront in the application of computer technology in music."

. Dr. Nguyen-Huu Xuong, for excellence in community service. Cited as "an outstanding teacher whose dedication extends from the university to the international community," Dr. Xuong was especially recognized for his work as a liaison between the Vietnamese community and the campus. As chairman of the Boat People SOS Committee, he led efforts to sponsor rescue missions of Indochinese refugees attempting to cross the South China Sea. At UCSD, he was responsible for setting up and sustaining the Vietnamese history course, and he arranged for the Vietnamese New Year celebration and festival to be held on the campus.

(April 8, 1992)