Mandell Weiss Forum Theater and Dance Studios: Antoine Predock, Architect

"Antoine Predock: Mandell Weiss Forum," University of California, San Diego.
A + U: Architecture and Urbanism, no. 268 (January 1993): 30-45.
ports, photos., plans, sections, site plans.
Language: Multiple Languages.
Abstract: A theater for UCSD. Includes criticism by Michael Webb.
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Betsky, Aaron. "Second Position." Architecture 87, no. 8 (August 1998): 62-67.
photos., plans, sections, site plans.
Abstract: Dance Studio at the University of California in San Diego.
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Posner, Ellen. "Supporting Role: Mandell Weiss Forum," La Jolla, California, Antoine Predock Architect. Architecture 80, no.9 (September 1991): 48-53.
photos., plans.
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Books about Antoine Predock (architect):

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