Article Indexes - By Subject

Note: Special emphasis below given to subjects inadequately covered by traditional art indexes, or to subjects with significant coverage in non-art databases.

Aesthetics BHA, AFT
FRANCIS (International Humanities and Social Studies)
Philosophers Index
Africa jstor (choose "African studies")
Anthropology Plus
African Studies (some art)
Also see Ethnic-Americans
IIBP: International Index to Black Periodicals (some art)
Architecture Avery index to architectural periodicals
Standard Western Art History from Medieval-Present
BHA, AFT, ABM, mags, news
Asian Art BHA, AFT, ABM
FRANCIS (International Humanities and Social Studies) (incomplete coverage)
Chicano/Latino Art
Also see Ethnic-Americans
Chicano Database
Classical Art

AFT, Avery (for classical architecture), BHA
Gnomon Online (in German)
jstor (choose "classical studies")
minimal: Anthropology Plus
Nestor: Bibliography of Aegean prehistory and Related Areas
Contemporary Art AFT, ABM, news, mags, BHA
Ethnic-American Art
(Native American, African American, Asian American, Jewish, Latino, etc.)
America: History & Life
Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Ethnic News Watch
Alternative press index
AFT, ABM, BHA, news, mags, jstor
Gay & Lesbian Art
Also see Ethnic American Art
Alternative Press Index
Latin American Art Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Anthropology Plus (Pre-Columbian)
jstor (choose "Latin American studies")
Native American Art
Also see Ethnic American Art
ABM, BHA, AFT (for "fine art," not "crafts" - all three), jstor (choose "folklore" & "American Indian studies" )
Anthropology Plus (historical, minimal contemporary)
Bibliography of Native North Americans (historical, not contemporary)
19th Century US Art 19th Century American Art Periodicals
Photography BHA, ABM, AFT
Pre-Columbian Anthropology Plus (includes dictionary of Mayan writing)
Bibliografía Mesoamericana
Religious Art ATLA Religion Database (includes pre-columbian)
FRANCIS (International Humanities and Social Studies)
Index of Christian Art

Art History Indexes